OUT NOW – Chrishangers! A Decade of Writing (Short Story Collection)

2 Oct

For the past decade, I have been writing science-fiction, fantasy and alternate history novellas and short stories, some of which have been published, others left to languish and still others existing only in my mind until I started to put this collection together, both in commemoration of my first decade as a successful writer and as an introduction to my longer works and universes.

Ride with Princess Alassa as she discovers how far her father will go to keep his throne, then join a young witch facing a dilemma that forces her to choose between her school and her friend.  Learn what happened, far in the past, when Void and his brothers set out to change the world, then follow a young Emily as an older sorceress challenges her principles and threatens a fate worse than death.  See what might be required to settle the asteroids – and defend them.  Learn what might have happened if Germany had tried to fight on in 1919, or send Graf Zeppelin to raid convoys in 1941, or even tried to invade Britain in 1940 – unsuccessfully. 

Featuring stories from Ark Royal, Schooled in Magic and others that stand-alone, and a certain amount of author commentary, Chrishangers features glimpses of worlds very different and yet still human, realities alien to ours and yet connected … and much, much, more.

Read a FREE SAMPLE, then Download from the links here (Amazon Universal, Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon AustriliaDraft2Digital.)

You Will Get …

Hasdrubal’s Tale (Schooled in Magic) – New

Alassa’s Tale (Schooled in Magic) – Reprint

The Right Thing To Do (Schooled in Magic)            – New

A Little Knowledge (Schooled In Magic) – New

The Man Behind The Curtain (Schooled in Magic) – New

The Second Battle of Dorking (Stand Alone) – New

A Strategic Analysis of European Defence and Security Policy Immediately Prior to the EU-Russia War (The Fall of Night) – New

When The King Enjoys His Own Again (Alternate History)            – New

The Kaiserin of the Seas (Alternate History)            – Reprint

Drang nach Osten (Alternate History) – Reprint

Sealion Fails (Alternate History) – New

A Woman’s Place is Out in Space (Ark Royal) – New

Life During Wartime (Ark Royal) – Reprint

One Response to “OUT NOW – Chrishangers! A Decade of Writing (Short Story Collection)”

  1. Marshall October 10, 2022 at 3:20 pm #

    A Woman’s Place felt like I was reading Heinlein. Nice! Since I’m leaving that comment after reading that story on my lunch break at work last night, I’ll add how intrigued I was to learn Void’s true name, and that Hasdrubal had been a real name in history.

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