OUT NOW (Updated) – The Cunning Man (A Schooled In Magic Spin-Off)

2 Oct

Schooled in Magic Spin-Off!

Adam of Beneficence wanted to be a magician, and even undertook a magical apprenticeship, but there isn’t a single spark of magic in his entire body.  In desperation, his master arranged for him to study at Heart’s Eye University, a former school of magic that has become a university, a place where magicians and mundanes can work to combine their talents and forge the future together. 

But all is not well at Heart’s Eye.  The magical and mundane apprentices resent and fear each other, the teaching staff is unsure how to shape the university and, outside, powerful forces are gathering to snuff out the future before it can take shape.  As Adam starts his new apprenticeship, and stumbles across a secret that could reshape the world, he finds himself drawn into a deadly plot that could destroy the university …

… And leave Lady Emily’s legacy in flaming ruins.  

Download a FREE SAMPLE, (Or read here, or here, or here because the website is currently down) then purchase from the links here: AmazonBooks2Read.  The novella that was rewritten and expanded into a full novel can be found in Fantastic Schools III

3 Responses to “OUT NOW (Updated) – The Cunning Man (A Schooled In Magic Spin-Off)”

  1. Mike Brooks October 2, 2021 at 5:38 pm #

    > On Oct 2, 2021, at 3:36 AM, The Chrishanger > > I bought this and already read it. This is your best writing so far. That is saying a lot because you are a wonderful, gifted writer. Mike Brooks

    > >

  2. Kirk Fletcher October 5, 2021 at 10:32 am #

    Enjoyed the book, but I was expecting something to come from the following:

    “Here.”  Master Pittwater passed him a small bag.  “Take this with you, open it when you’re there.  And don’t lose your tickets or all hell will break loose.”

    Was there something in the bag, or did I miss it? I don’t recall it ever being mentioned again. Anyway, I enjoyed the book, but I confess I found “Prologue 1” a bit boring. Nobody likes sitting through a university speech in real life, and that’s what it felt like reading it.

    Also on the issue of Prologues… when I loaded the book in Kindle app on computer, Table of Contents menu went straight from Cover to Chapter 1, and you can only get to the Prologues by clicking “Next” from the cover. I’d already read it on Kindle device, so the issue didn’t arise, but I could see some people not even knowing the Prologues existed.

  3. gbarbay00 November 16, 2021 at 2:36 am #

    Just finished this. Loved it! It is terrific! Like Warlord it is a refreshing and different take on the SIM universe. My request for future books: please add more Lilith centric content. I understand why she is more of a side character in the first book. Now that we seem to be getting a look at her true personality (or as least truer) and seeing that her earlier bad behavior may have been defense mechanisms influenced by her upbringing and experiences, I personally would love to see, that as her character develops, she emerges as a good person, and a nice match for Adam. That being said please don’t get rid of *all* her sharp edges! 🙂

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