OUT NOW – THE TRUTHFUL LIE (The Unwritten Words III)

3 Nov

Sorry for the delay.

How can humans stand up to the Old Gods?

Reginald, now King, is struggling against the rising tide of the Old God entities. He knows that his army alone cannot defeat them, even with cold iron that can contain them and free enslaved humans. But as cities burn and farmland is devastated, the people have been easily convinced by cultists to turn to the Old Gods.

In a neighbouring kingdom the weak young ruler, fallen prey to an entity that promised him the world, starts his campaign to fulfil that promise, adding to the threats heading towards Andalusia.

Reginald’s best hope is that Isabella, his sorceress Queen, and Princess Silverdale, his talented sister, can learn enough about the entities and their relationship with the human realm to find a magical way to defeat them. But, as time is running out, shattering news arrives from the Golden City…

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4 Responses to “OUT NOW – THE TRUTHFUL LIE (The Unwritten Words III)”

  1. William Ameling November 4, 2020 at 4:04 pm #

    I just got Debt of War downloaded to my Kindle. I had pre purchased it. Yet I do not see it on the List of your books that are out.

  2. William Ameling November 5, 2020 at 12:33 pm #

    I suspect that you have already read it, but read the non fiction book, The Cousins’ Wars which is all about how the English development and expansion patterns before 1600 and into the 1600s, lead to The English Civil and then to the Glorious Revolution, then the American Colonies, the American Revolution, and the the War of 1812, The Mexican American War and the growth of the Slavery Problem lead to the American Civil. With all of the changes caused by it, all the way up WW2. It even discuses the Irish and German immigrations.

    A lot of important Puritan and or Parliment Leaders in the English Civil War in the 1640s, apparently almost moved to New England in the 1630s

    It was a very interesting history book that drew together historical trends and the influence/importance of which religion you had on who you supported, and vice versa. It won the Pulitzer Prize and came out back in the 1990s.

    It made clear that an important reason that the American Revolution succeded and why the English/British did not intervene in the American Civil War, was that there were a lot of people in Great Britain who sided with the Yankees in the American Revolution and American Civil War over a lot of the same issues opposing the Monarchy and the classes that supported it.

    This something that we did not learn in how American history classes as children in the USA. But it explains a lot of why things happened that we did not learn about

  3. William Ameling November 7, 2020 at 11:28 pm #

    Another thing that was interesting about it, that Book, was the plans that Southerners had for expansion before and after the Civil War. There was something called the Golden Circle that wanted to annex most or all Of Mexico to create more Slave Holding States, as well as Cuba, Central American and all of the Caribbean Islands.
    If the Confederacy had won the American Civil War and kept it’s Independence, they would have tried to expand into those areas afterwards.

    Remember, it was Southern Slave Holders that first colonized Texas, then encouraged it to rebel from Mexico, gave it support to gain Independence, and eventually got it admitted as a State. Texas even had the right to be able to divide itself into 5 States, if I remember my American History correctly. Then the Southerners provoked the Mexican American War and provided most the Officers who lead the US Army that defeated Mexico. Many of those officers fought for the Confederacy as senior officers in the American Civil War.

  4. William Ameling November 7, 2020 at 11:50 pm #

    It was those experienced good Officers from the Mexican American War, that enabled the South to win battles and hold off the North for so long. Until the North finally found/developed some good military leaders of it’s own.

    What I find interesting are some of the Alternate History stories, about happens after the South wins the Civil War. One of them had a divided US in World War 1 and 2, where the South supports the British, and the North supported the Germans. Can you imagine WW1 and WW2 being fought in North America as well as in Europe? Talk about a drastically different History.

    Plus there are the Drakka novels by S M Sterling, that had a different branch point, after The American Revolution, where The British Loyalists that were expelled from the victorious American colonies, went to South Africa after it had being seized from the Dutch during an Alternate history American Revolution.

    I am not a supporter of Slavery (I am from Ohio), but the stories make it clear that History did not have to happen the way it did. Too often in School and local culture, it seems like was a sure thing that one side won. Those wars lasted a long because a lot of people supported BOTH sides, for reasons that are sometimes forgotten or suppressed in history/fiction/movies.

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