Updates …

24 Nov

Hi, everyone

Good news first – I’ve finished the first draft of Their Last Full Measure (A Learning Experience 6).  I’m hoping to have it up for sale by the end of the coming week, but – as always – it depends on editing and suchlike.  A paperback edition will hopefully be along in a month or so following eBook; audio will be coming, but I don’t know when yet.

I’m currently planning to write a mid-sized story – projected at around 18’000 words – for a Chris Kennedy anthology, provisionally entitled Life During Wartime.  It’s going to be an intro episode for a character for the final Ark Royal trilogy, stuff I wanted to put in the main books but couldn’t without really unbalancing the story.  I’ll probably put a snippet up, but the remainder of the story will have to be held until the anthology comes out.  (Probably before the trilogy itself).

After that, I intend to write Debt of War, which is the projected end of the planned Kat Falcone books.  I can’t post snippets from that, as the first book isn’t out yet, but hopefully it will go smoothly.

In other news, my son John was two years old yesterday and growing with terrifying speed.


6 Responses to “Updates …”

  1. AshleyRPollard November 24, 2019 at 10:26 am #

    Children grow so quickly, though when I was a child I couldn’t wait to grow up. Ironic huh? So enjoy the moment.

  2. Joseph Costa November 24, 2019 at 1:55 pm #

    Chris, please covey a Happy Birthday to John from Joe in Houston, Texas, USA. Two year olds reach out to discover the world. Good health to you. Joe

  3. Bob November 24, 2019 at 3:08 pm #

    Hey Chris..Congrats on making it to the son’s “terrible two’s”… If he is like mine was, you are all in for a wild ride..just remember it will end you you’ll have your little buddy back..
    Also, thank you so much for the upcoming A.L.E. book..All else in my queue gets put aside when any of your books arrive in my in-box but the Learning Experience takes absolute top priority.

  4. gregory November 24, 2019 at 10:20 pm #

    Any word on when the Kat Falcone books are due out?

    • TINLA November 25, 2019 at 2:55 am #

      I don’t normally listen to audible books, but I’m about halfway through Kat Falcone 2 after the first leg of a 40 hr round trip. It’s more than 13 hours. What a bargain.

  5. Just Another Joe December 20, 2019 at 2:48 pm #

    Wishing you good for the season and the coming years!

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