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OUT NOW–Para Bellum (Ark Royal XIII)

10 Nov

On her last mission, HMS Invincible discovered an alien threat beyond human understanding: a sentient virus that has already absorbed a number of intelligent races into its multitude and now intends to do the same to humanity. Defeat means the end of everything, the end of existence as nothing more than mindless host-bodies, the end of humanity and its alien allies alike. The stakes could not be higher.

As a deeply divided humanity struggles to prepare a defence, with enemies inside and outside the human sphere just lurking to strike, Invincible is sent deep into alien space on what should have been a simple reconnaissance mission. But, as Captain Shields and his crew begin their mission, it rapidly becomes clear that a juggernaut is bearing down on Earth …

… And, no matter what they do, they may never make it home again.




OUT NOW–The Broken Throne (Schooled in Magic 16)

6 Nov


The Kingdom of Zangaria has fallen into civil war. On one side, King Randor and his forces, determined to impose his rule over the entire kingdom; on another, the noblemen who want to crush the king; on a third, Princess Alassa and the Levellers.

Caught in the middle, Emily must steer a course between her loyalty to her friend, her duty to people who put their faith in her and her fears for the future.
But King Randor has unleashed forces even he may be unable to control…

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Updates–More Good Than Bad

3 Nov

Well, it’s been a very interesting week.

Good news first – I managed to write Monday-Friday, allowing me to complete the first draft of Para Bellum. (The planned title for Book 14 of Ark is The Right of the Line.) This was an immense relief to me, although – as the drugs are starting to wear off – next week might be unpleasant and uncomfortable. It will get editing, of course, and then hopefully uploaded soon.

Slightly better news – The Broken Throne should be out on Monday 5th. Enjoy it with your fireworks! <grin>.

I’m planning to start writing The Alchemist’s Apprentice in a week (see the snippet below), with an eye to getting it completed before the end of the month. And then? Well, we’ll see <grin>. It’s nice to feel optimistic again, although things have been veering backwards and forwards over the last week or so. There haven’t been any truly bad side effects this time, but I feel as if I’ve been sunburnt everywhere; this is, apparently, one of the more common side effects. But it isn’t threatening me with starvation, so I can endure.

And I might try and write a few more reviews, as well as a couple of other things during the next few days.

The bad news is that I have a CT scan on Monday too, then a pair of appointments next week before the fourth round of chemo. (They’re probably going to continue, even if the scan says the lymphoma is gone.) Wish me luck.