Excerpts from Interdimensional Survey Report (Allrianne)

10 Jan

I was chatting with another writer about the possibilities of a crossover between her series and The Zero Enigma universe. This is written from an outside POV, so it won’t be included at the back of book III.

Excerpts from Interdimensional Survey Report (Allrianne)

It is not actually clear if the natives of World-CGN-4832 are human or not. They are very definitely close to baseline human, to the point of being sexually compatible with outsiders, but there are a number of significant differences. The most significant of these differences is the chakra organs, present within their bodies. X-rays reveal that the average native of Allrianne possesses three to five such organs, with the uppermost one located just below the brain. These organs appear to have evolved to feed off the high-energy reality-distorting field surrounding the planet, allowing the natives to absorb and redirect the energy at will. They call it magic.

The magic field’s presence makes it hard to conduct a proper examination on site (all technology above Level C seems to fail very quickly) but a number things can be said with a reasonable degree of certainty. The chakra organs appear to function in a manner comparable to muscles, allowing even people with low magic sensitivity to develop their inherent power through constant practice. It is clear that even the lowest sections of society can produce powerful ‘magic-users.’ The presence number of chakra organs may determine one’s inherent power, as muscles determine strength, but exercise and training can allow someone to even the odds. It is possible that constant flexing of the chakra organs leads to the body automatically evolving additional organs. The limitations placed on opening direct contact with the natives makes it hard to study the more powerful magicians.

That said, it is clear that the chakra organs require the steady presence of the magic field to function correctly. The locals are unaware of this, but they do not actually possess any inherent power of their own. Their bodies act like batteries, storing magic; their powers simply fail, it seems, when they are separated from the field. The handful of volunteers we invited to cross the gate lost their powers very quickly. (This had the advantage of allowing us to conduct the x-rays mentioned above.) Physically, they were practically baseline humans with some additional DNA. However, we believe the chakra organs will manifest in any children sired or born by the emigrants. They appear to be dominant.

This isn’t too surprising, given the effect magic has on their society. Everyone has some level of magic, as far as we can determine. Non-magic users must have been out-evolved thousands of years ago. Conscious control of magic may have come fairly recently – the handful of history books we discovered suggest that magic’s principles were discovered only two thousand years ago, an eyeblink compared to the length of human evolution – but it is clear that unconscious usage of magic was in existence well before then. In particular, the magic may boost the body’s immune system and assist it to recover. It’s also notable that a magician may release a burst of uncontrolled magic when frightened or angry, protecting he magician from attack. Women have been recorded losing control of their magic and killing would-be rapists. It’s particularly notable that their society embraces a far greater level of sexual equality than many other societies at their apparent level of development.

Our attempts to study magic were quite limited. It was fairly easy to work out potential spells by running spellbooks through the supercomputers, but impossible to cast them without the chakra organs. We were unable to do more than get a few basic readings when our volunteers tried to cast spells in the testing chambers. Their magic simply dissolved within seconds of release. (It’s possible that it started to fade into the background as soon as they stepped through the gate.) We did attempt to convince volunteers to cast spells on their side of the gate, but results were very limited. Their ability to cast spells was limited too.

There were some oddities. Allen, Penny and Sam all volunteered to have spells cast on them. Their experiences were odd, to say the least; Allen, turned into a frog, reported that his mind appeared to understand his new body even through it was obviously not human. Penny, turned into a statue, reported that the experience felt oddly numbing. She didn’t panic, as she noted, because she felt she couldn’t panic. At some level, being stone felt natural. Sam was the only one who reported that her experiences were thoroughly unpleasant, perhaps unsurprisingly. Compulsion spells were cast on her.

It is impossible to be sure, of course, but we believe that, in the case of Allen and Penny, that their minds automatically adapted to their new bodies. Destroying a mind is apparently a great deal harder, although death spells are seemingly common. Sam’s mind was actually warped, to some extent; she felt that the spells were an intrusion, rather than anything more benevolent. Further research is clearly required.

In all cases, the spells wore off almost as soon as the volunteers were taken back through the gates. The force holding the magic in place simply faded once the victims were removed from the magic field. This appears to be true of spells cast on local victims too; they simply don’t last forever, unless held in place by magic artefacts. The locals do not seem to regard magic as anything unearthly or even supernatural. It just is.

It is important to remember, I think, that Allrianne is not a primitive world. It’s inhabitants have evolved a social structure that allows them to examine the world around them and learn how to control it. They have the scientific method, although they study magic rather than science. To them, magic is science. They may not be able to build gateway generators, but I wouldn’t rule out them finding some other way to cross dimensions.

It’s hard to see how we should proceed, too. Allrianne can teach us a great deal about the nature of reality, with a ready-made alternate way of looking at the universe. However, it will be immensely difficult to infiltrate their society in the short term. None of our people have the chakra organs and, therefore, will be unable to fake magic. Worse, the limits of technology make it impossible to conceal this. Sending an agent into one of the bigger cities will mean running a tremendous risk. We are unable to use magic – or to defend against it.

In the long term, we might be able to splice chakra organs into clone-bodies and transfer mind-patterns to them, but it is unclear if that is possible. Our clones will not grow to adulthood, but emerge fully-formed. It may not be possible to control their magic; indeed, we don’t know if the chakra organs will absorb power if they’re not touching the magic field from the very start. There are just too many unknowns.

I leave it up to you, sir, if we should attempt to make open contact.

10 Responses to “Excerpts from Interdimensional Survey Report (Allrianne)”

  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard January 10, 2018 at 5:06 pm #

    Now I got to wonder how these Interdimensional travelers would view the Nameless World especially since Emily is a powerful sorcerer but wasn’t born in the Nameless World. 😉

    Maybe one of Emily’s ancestors was from the Nameless World or from the The Zero Enigma universe or from some other world where magic exists. 😀

  2. Jason J January 10, 2018 at 8:48 pm #


    I hope not to offend by asking this. Do you mind if I ask which author is interested in collaborating with you? I’m interested in checking out her works.

    • chrishanger January 11, 2018 at 9:50 am #

      Jagi Lamplighter. It’s a vague idea so far, so it may come to nothing.


  3. Vapori January 10, 2018 at 10:03 pm #

    Would think it’s more fun for the nameless world but then their magic might be very different. also as an Autor i would properly try such a crossover at first with a simpler or at least less fleshed out world and not a place were you have already 14 books .

    Still sounds quite interesting, and that they use specall organs for magic is interesting as well. since they are called chakra organs i wonder if it’s something like the dantians in Chinese or Japanese fantasy stories

  4. allyk January 11, 2018 at 12:34 am #

    presumably it would be a poor choice to infiltrate as a zero because of the high demand and scrutiny zeros face

    otoh if they come openly, they have a ton to offer, not only in terms of being natural zeros, but also allowing normies to cross through the gate and forge objects of power

    or they could simply mass produce objects of power and dump them in the local economy

    More importantly, it’s been 17 days since the announcement that Alassa’s Tale was done, not that i’m counting the days or anything . . .

  5. allyk January 11, 2018 at 12:54 am #

    “I leave it up to you, sir, if we should attempt to make open contact” – well what exactly were they doing when they invited people through the portal and then sent their own people through to become the targets of spells?

    if they wanted to infiltrate, it would probably make sense to ally with/befriend/bribe a small group of locals who can provide cover and protection

    but not just any group. sure a small outcast family would be eager for the riches they could provide, but they wouldn’t have the connections to allow them access to all the best places. No, something like House Aguirre would be perfect. They already have one zero, why not another in Cousin Balki from the distant island of Mypos? And since House Aguirre already had one, they wouldn’t be so desperate and needy as another house might be. But House Aguirre would still be eager to cooperate if for no other reason than to at least keep other houses from acquiring a zero and disrupting their monopoly.

    • chrishanger January 11, 2018 at 9:52 am #

      They basically did the same as the aliens from alien abuctee stories . No one would believe the volunteers without some pretty solid proof.

      “What? You were taken through a glowing light to a alien realm where thee was no magic? Pull the other one!”


  6. George Phillies January 13, 2018 at 4:03 am #

    These people have no magical ability at all. Doesn’t that make them all true Zeros?

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