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Quick Update …

2 Oct

Hi, everyone

The good news is that I completed the first draft of Graduation Day yesterday. I’ve refrained from posting a snippet because it is a major spoiler for TGK, although (now I’ve figured out how to use spoiler tags) I should be able to post it without spoiling too much. It’s an attempt at tying up a number of plotlines, while pushing Emily out into the wider world …

My current plan is basically to write Alassa’s Tale in early December, then The Princess In The Tower somewhere in February or March. However, various events may throw my planned schedule out of shape. Alassa’s Tale is not planned as anything more than a small novella anyway, so hopefully it won’t be too badly delayed. Basically, it’ll set the scene for TPITT.

I’ve not quite decided on a title for SIM16 – the provisional title is The Queen’s Throne or something along those lines. I’ve given considerable thought to turning it into a multi-character story, as – unlike The Sergeant’s Apprentice – there is a lot to be gained from having multiple POV characters. On the other hand, that is something of a break from tradition …

What do you think?

Chris_final1 crual stars

The planned schedule remains unchanged: The Cruel Stars in October, Cat’s Paw in November. I may change the title of Cat’s Paw – it is fairly close to Cat <grin>, but – at the same time – it is the title that fits. Hum … what about The Lie of the Land? Yes, I know; Doctor Who got there first. (A very forgettable episode – I had to Bing it.) Or The Written Lie? Thoughts?


Magic In The Zero Universe

2 Oct

FAIR WARNING – There are spoilers here. Read at your own risk.

Zero Cursed Cover FOR WEB

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