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Out Now–We Lead (Ark Royal IX)!

1 Jan

The conclusion to the third Ark Royal trilogy!

The Second Interstellar War – pitting humans and their Tadpole allies against an enigmatic alien empire – appears to have stalemated. Neither side can push through to the other’s core systems without risking substantial losses, neither side can gain a decisive advantage. But when a brilliant human scientist invents a way to jump across the stars without a gravity tramline, an opportunity arises to strike the enemy in their undefended rear. It is an opportunity that cannot be allowed to pass.

Now, HMS Vanguard and her crew – and the largest fleet ever assembled by the nations of Earth – heads out on a do-or-die mission to challenge their enemies to one final battle …

… And if they lose, they will never see home again.

Nuttall wormhole_final

Download a FREE SAMPLE, then purchase here – US, UK, AUS, CAN.  Reviews and shares very welcome!

Happy New Year!

1 Jan

Before I begin, I would like to take this moment to wish all my fans a happy new year. Thank you very much for reading my books. <grin>

And now, what can you expect from me in 2017?

First, We Lead (Book 9 of Ark Royal) should be up for purchase by the time I post this message. (I’ll do the normal post to the mailing list and so on over the next few days.)

Second, I have the next set of edits for The Sergeant’s Apprentice, which I hope to complete by the 2nd. Ideally, there will be no need for a third edit and the book will go online shortly.

Third, the audio version of The School of Hard Knocks should be out in the middle of January. Watch this space.

Fourth, Books III and IV of Angel in the Whirlwind are coming out in March and June respectively (both should be up for pre-order now). Book V – a standalone – has already been plotted, with books VI-VIII in the works.

Fifth, I have a number of plots written for the coming year. Books 12-14 of Schooled in Magic (Fists of Justice, Poison Pen, Graduation Day) have been plotted – ideally, two of them should be written this year. Books 10-11 of Ark Royal have been planned. Book 1 of The Unwritten Word (the Bookworm sequel) has also been plotted, along with a handful of stand-alone books. You should see most of them over the coming year.

Sixth, and finally, the paperback versions of Semper Fi, The Outcast and To The Shores (and audio versions of Schooled In Magic) are also on the way. As the paperbacks of The Empire’s Corps have largely paid for themselves, I don’t see any reason to delay giving the next set a final edit and then uploading them.

(If you have already purchased the eBooks of Semper Fi and The Outcast, please go to Amazon to download the latest version – a handful of minor corrections and suchlike … and a new cover.)

And I will be continuing my observations on politics, government and other related matters on my blog.

Thank you for reading – and I hope you all have a very good new year!