Marie Antoinette Clinton

10 Nov

Marie Antoinette is probably best known for saying ‘let them eat cake!’ (There is some dispute over if she actually said it.) And yet, as a noted SF writer pointed out, Marie Antoinette’s remark wasn’t quite as stupid as it seemed. Based on what she knew at the time – Marie Antoinette had no direct contact with the teeming mob – the remark actually makes sense. The price of bread was going up (because price controls made it impossible for bakers to actually bake) so why should the poor not eat cake?

But to peasants who could no more afford cake than they could afford bread, the line seemed a cruel joke.


Marie Antoinette brought many of her troubles on herself. Her mother – Marie Teresa – expected her to uphold Austrian interests, which caused her to clash with Frenchmen she really needed to conciliate. She fitted poorly into Versailles, making no attempt to fit in; she placed a touching faith in many who would seek to use her or betray her; she was on the fringes of a criminal investigation (yes, really); she was the victim of scurrilous libels and horrific accusations. Indeed, when she was put on trial after the revolution, the charges against her were largely outrageous. But, by then, she had become so unpopular – as a symbol of everything that was wrong with France – that her execution was a certainty.

And yes, there is a distinct whiff of Marie Antoinette around Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton lost the election, I think, because – at base – she was fundamentally unappealing to vast numbers of Americans. She was so far out of touch with ordinary people that she literally had no idea what appealed to them and what didn’t. She acted as though she was on a higher plane, as though nothing would ever stick to her, as though she would continue to get away with everything. Her personal accomplishments were practically non-existent, her corruption was strikingly blatant, her willingness to cheat during the nomination turned unknown numbers of supporters away from her …

Marie Antoinette existed in a bubble. The closest she ever came to the peasants was living on her fake peasant village. She – and the remainder of the aristocracy in pre-revolutionary France – had no idea how bad things were becoming. Even when reality did break through the bubble, the aristocrats were dismissive. They considered the commoners to be lesser beings, subhuman creatures whose only purpose was to slave for their betters. Their attitudes made the slaveholders of Dixie look like paragons of morality.

Hillary Clinton also existed in a bubble. She was protected from the consequences of her own actions. The media abandoned all pretence of neutrality and strove mightily to get her elected. But it never seemed to occur to Hillary that the world was changing. Nothing was forgotten. She might escape indictment by the FBI, but the alternate media made sure that everyone knew that she’d been let off. She hadn’t been innocent. Others, including genuine heroes, had been broken for far lesser offences. Everyone knew that Hillary Clinton had benefitted from a blatant double standard.

Her greatest fans were also isolated from the common herd. Ordinary Americans rolled their eyes when deluded Hollywood stars threatened to leave the United States if Trump won the election. (Hands up anyone who believes that most of them will actually leave?) A person with a vast income is protected from the realities of the world in a way that most people can only envy. How can a Hollywood starlet understand the life of a man on minimum wage?

The thing I have noticed about Americans is that they admire achievement. Americans adore people who achieve, from football players to … well, Donald Trump. There are people who detest Trump and yet admire his achievements. But Americans also despise nepotism, favouritism, affirmative action … anything that hampers meritocracy. Americans, at base, despise elites. And Hillary Clinton is the ultimate elitist. Bill Clinton, whatever else can be said about him, won election. Hillary Clinton merely rode on his coattails.

To be fair to Hillary, the post of First Lady is an awkward one these days.

It was expected, back when America won her independence, that a wife would support her husband. The First Ladies from Martha Washington onwards were expected to be society hostesses, not politicians in their own right. They might give advice, in private, but they didn’t wield power in their own right. The role of women in society might have changed over the last two hundred years, yet First Ladies – formally – remained society hostesses. They had no more formal role than Prince Charles.

A woman as ambitious as Hillary Clinton would not find this a comfortable role. (Some society hostesses did manage to build up a power base behind the scenes, but that requires skills Hillary doesn’t seem to possess.) Indeed, she might well find it a humiliating role. These days, a woman is expected to have a job – staying at home and looking after the kids isn’t regarded so highly. Hillary cannot be blamed for seeking to expand the role, for trying to shape out a position for herself. But her attempts to declare herself a ‘co-president’ looked bad. She was attempting to claim power she had no right to have. Bill was the President. Hillary was merely his wife.

I think this weakened Hillary, both as a professional politician and as a person. She had no direct experience of fighting a political campaign, or working her way up into a position of power. Her run for the senate was launched from a very safe Democratic state. Worse, because she had earned a bad reputation, she drew more and more hostile eyes. Her response to this was to try to control the flow of information, which made her even more suspicious in the eyes of ordinary Americans. Worst of all, she couldn’t get away from her husband. Bill’s reputation will overshadow hers for the rest of her life.

Lacking her husband’s experience, Hillary’s attempts to gain support in 2008 and 2016 were clumsy. Obama beat her because – like Trump – he could and did speak to the nation in a way Hillary simply could not match. There is no way to gain this experience without actually doing it. Hillary never let her hair down and talked to the common people. And when Obama won election, he gave Hillary the Secretary of State post … again, she didn’t win it. And perhaps it should have surprised no one that her performance was disastrous.

Hillary Clinton’s worst enemy was always Hillary Clinton. Scandal after scandal plagued her, each one weakening her still further. She had zero credibility even before she cheated her way into the nomination. The email scandal, the Clinton Foundation, her aides and their suspect links … Hillary, apparently convinced of her own entitlement, never sought to change course before it was too late. She preferred to lash out at her opponents rather than seek to understand them. Worse, she alienated many of her own voters.

Why would blacks, or women, or homosexuals vote for Trump? Hillary offered them nothing, but words. Trump offered the prospect of change. Trump offered the prospect of defence. Clinton lost a great many homosexual voters, I suspect, after Orlando. She didn’t promise to protect them. She didn’t point her finger at the threat.

Hillary Clinton did not lose because she was a woman. Hillary Clinton lost because she was Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton lost because she had a past that overshadowed her future; Hillary Clinton lost because her cover-ups were often worse than the crimes. Hillary Clinton lost because she had no connection with the average American. Hillary Clinton lost because she had no idea what made the ‘deplorables’ tick.

I do not know Hillary personally. I will probably never meet her. All I have to go on is her public image, the impression created by her words and deeds. And, in the end, I found that impression repulsive. A woman who considered herself above the common herd, a woman who brought corruption to everything she touched, a woman profoundly unsuited to power on a global scale … Trump, for all of his flaws, seems a paragon of political skill compared to Hillary Clinton. Maybe this is a false impression. But it’s the one that stuck.

Marie Antoinette had very little control over her own life, even as Queen. Hillary Clinton had a great deal. A genuine patriot – or even someone devoted to the Democratic Party – would have stepped aside, clearing the way for someone with much less baggage. Instead, Hillary chose to fight it out and lost.

Hillary Clinton lost, in both 2008 and 2016, for the same reason. Her opponent promised hope and change. Hillary Clinton …

… Merely offered more of the same.

27 Responses to “Marie Antoinette Clinton”

  1. shrekgrinch November 10, 2016 at 8:46 pm #

    And she lacked charisma. Which is important in getting the vote out for Dems. This is one or the main reasons why the Dems did badly in both mid-terms in 2010 and 2014: Obama wasn’t running on any of those tickets.

    She is John Kerry with breasts and a lot more baggage than just some Swift Boat veterans dogging her everywhere she went.

    This is one reason why she rolled out Michelle and Barack on the campaign trail the last few months. Not just to shore up the black vote (which she ended up underperforming anyway).

    Bill Clinton and Obama vs her and Kerry. That’s the main difference: Charisma

  2. Jack Hudler November 10, 2016 at 9:51 pm #

    How come you don’t do Op Ed pieces in American papers.
    Never once made the Marie to Hillary connection. Yet knowing some of the history of Marie Antoinette (abeit a long time ago) I’m almost embarrassed I didn’t see this before.

    • chrishanger November 13, 2016 at 8:59 am #

      No one’s asked me to do them . I would if i could.


  3. Katharina I. November 10, 2016 at 11:20 pm #

    You mention that Clinton was unappealing to many Americans- I would just like to point out that she actually won the popular vote, Trump only won due to the electoral college (something he has actually insulted in the past).

    • Druss November 11, 2016 at 12:50 am #

      She only just got the popular vote and I think the comment was more referring to all the democrat voters who stayed at home because they did not want to vote for either candidate.

      • Druss November 11, 2016 at 2:37 pm #

        Plus most of her vote was people just voting for a democrat, against trump and for a woman president. I doubt there were many people actually voting for Clinton herself

      • chrishanger November 13, 2016 at 9:06 am #

        That’s the problem. Running such an unlikable candidate …

    • Farwalker November 11, 2016 at 4:06 pm #

      The last I saw Trump was down approximately 200,000 votes nationwide. But remember the liberal dems including Obama, encouraged illegals to vote contrary to US law. As a result Hillary received an unknown number of votes from illegals who were not eligible to vote. This was especially true in California where illegals were bused to the polls by the dems. If you exclude California, Trump received approximately 2 million more votes than Hillary.

    • Karl Russell November 21, 2016 at 4:05 am #

      There is a big concern about the popular vote and who got the most votes. In this year it was Clinton. Since our Election is not based on a Democracy (We are a Republic) the candidates did not spend time, money, or resources to capture the popular vote. Each candidate looked for their opportunity to win the Electoral Vote. As a result Trump spent no resources in Blue Locked up State nor did Clinton spend resources in Red Locked up State. It is easy to say the popular vote number would have shifted if they did spend the resources but even if Trump got 1,500,000 extra votes in Blue States it would not had helped his election. Same with Clinton in Red States.

  4. Big Ben November 10, 2016 at 11:45 pm #

    You hit the nail on the head regarding the great dichotomy of American society – we all want to be successful and wealthy, but the “commoner” usually dislikes or despises those who are. Although I must say that I think most of us truly admire those who become wealthy by their own endeavors – the great inventors, businessmen, internet tycoons, etc. Even pro athletes and movie stars.
    It’s the Silver Spoon Babies it’s so easy to despise, those with all the advantages and benefits of great wealth that they did absolutely nothing to earn …. except win the parental lottery.

    Yes the election is over. The republicans/conservatives will soon control all three branches of the US government. Maybe we’ll all be fortunate and discover over the next few years that their ideology, when given unfettered access to run free, will actually benefit all Americans and all mankind.
    Fingers crossed, y’all.

  5. William Ameling November 11, 2016 at 1:04 am #

    When Hillary lost to Obama in 2008 she should have stopped trying to run for election.

    I have never understood how ANY self respecting product of the Women’s Liberation Movement could respect or vote for Hillary as long as she remained married to Bill Clinton. I find hard it to belief that she could vote for HERSELF as long as she did not divorce him. By remaining married to him she showed that his political skills outweighed his gross infidelities to her.

    The people supporting her wanted a return to the Clinton administration, even though Bill Clinton was forbidden by constitutional ammendment from serving another term. How would they have felt if one of the Bushs” wives had run for President after the husbands left office? Hillary did not have a seperate career like Bob Dole’s wife in the civil service, she was at MOST Bill Clinton’s wife and advisor, and social Hostess, she did not have the experience to be a good president, just a lot of experience in helping to run a political campaign.

    The Obama and Hillary foreign policies have been a disaster for the United States. The liberal wing of the Democratic Party has NO understanding of how the military works, to them it is a competitor (ENEMY) for the funds for their social programs. Yet the liberals wanted to keep power and saw Hillary as the way to do it. The pay to play Clinton Foundation does not seem to bother them, if THEY are doing it, it only bothers them when the OTHER side side is doing it. The only way she could keep the money coming into the Clinton Foundation, and all the income from speeches, etc, was to make the donors think that she would be President someday. Just what did the Clinton Foundation do besides pay the salaries of the future Clinton Administration’s office holders while they were waiting to get elected? It is not JUST money, it is also POWER to control what the USA does and where it goes.

    One of the things that anyone at the lower levels of the military and civil service are told (many times) and trained in is to avoid even the appearance of impropitiety. Hillary instead was a lawyer and only the letter of the law, if she could not find any loopholes, was what had to be obeyed (and only if she not could control the information to conceal violating it). She HAD to know her email server was not legal or within government and State Department polices and LAWS. She was a lawyer who saw and was surrounded by political controversy for 3 to 4 decades. She also should have known that some of the messages were classified. Classified materials have their own seperate channels for handling, storing, and briefing decision makers such as the Secretary of State. The only place she should have been seeing and handling them SHOULD have been inside secured government facilities. If she had been anyone else, she would have lost any and all security clearances Permanently and she would already be in jail, just look at what happened to lesser figures who broke the security rules. Obviously the Obama Administration kept her security clearance from being canceled. How would it look for a President of the United States to be DENIED a Security Clearance to even read and be briefed for all the information She(He) needed to make decisions.

  6. Jared November 11, 2016 at 1:38 am #

    Well said!

    • William Ameling November 11, 2016 at 2:42 am #

      In fact, she should have had an email device(s) (and accounts) that was NEVER taken outside of federal facilities that were designed to keep classified information secure (or least kept under the physical control of a trained security specialist who traveled with her; which would have had severe communications security problems). The USA and allied nations security services had/have a very long experience with dealing with outside governments, particularly during the Cold War, trying to gain information by spies as well as by electronic means. For her to setup an email server outside the physical control of secured government offices or security approved defense contractors physical facilities (there are a lot of regulations that have to be followed), is one of the GROSSEST and most Flagrant violation of security laws that I can imagine, (besides just handing the information over to known spies). I know from my own military service and training (during the 1980s), how much the government did to keep electronic information from being overheard. It was not easy to keep it secure even when we followed the rules because the threat keep constantly changing and getting worse. Did she get approval from the appropriate security agencies for her email setup? NO.

      Look how often someone’s laptops, hard drives, cell phone’s, pads etc. get stolen today, as well their data communications security getting broken, plus internet viruses etc. She demonstrated what her real priorities were, and they were to protect herself and her “convenience” and not the information she was handling.

  7. PhilippeO November 11, 2016 at 5:03 am #

    This is public image crafted by Republican.

    i don’t deny that she lack charisma, she ultimate party insider / professional pol. But all accusation of bad behaviour, they are myths crafted by Republicans.

    The idea that Hillary achieve nothing is plain ridiculous, since the beginning she is not housewives; she is part of power couple. Bill Clinton wouldn’t become as high as he is, if he is not married Hillary.

    Denial of Sexism is ridiculous. Hillary problem arise because US not yet accept career woman as viable place in public. if Hillary born 20-years after, she would likely become like Kagan, very high ranking single women who succeed in professional place. America had not yet accepting of ambitious career wives (or for that matter widow). .

    her bad behaviour mostly Republican invention. she certainly not only one who careless in internet security (Powell do the same). she certainly not only one who had relationship with lobbying (two-third of Congress probably guilty of same thing). She typical politician, and unusually honest and dedicated ones. It Maybe not enough to be President, but she is not worst person in Congress.

    and idea that she is ‘elite’ is ridiculous. She climb for Arkansas middle class to the top, and she got popular vote of Americans. While Trump is third generation millionaire. Trump is not leader of the people, he is leader of Reactionary Royalist party.

    to go forward, Republican and Liberals must accepts that the ‘Other’ is as legitimately representatives of half the people. The difference might well be irreconcilable, but it not because other are ‘elite’, ‘evil’ or ‘alien’. The ‘People’ itself is deeply divided.

  8. sjallen343 November 11, 2016 at 5:15 am #

    The reason I believe Trump won? He listened to people. Not the ivory tower-echo chamber people, but the ones who bore the brunt of the failures of our times.

    Veterans were treated with contempt and outright hatred by Hillary. Considering how large a part of American life the military is, that is a fatal character flaw. Not a choice, you can’t stop hating something that you’ve felt nothing but condescension and revulsion for your entire life.

    Ordinary people who are sick of constantly being lectured, talked down to and labelled every crude and foul label under the sun showed that they have had enough. Every time they called Trump Hitler it only reinforced the view that these serial name callers were too utterly divorced from them that there was no chance of common ground.

    For a politician to actually listen to those that were hit hardest is a powerful thing. To promise a change for the better and then come up with a plausible way of doing it is another. Who wouldn’t want to hear that the person running for the most powerful office in the world gives a damn about the issues that are driving your family apart and forcing you into the ground?

    Then there is the mainstream media treating everyone like complete and utter idiots. Trump said something bad ten years ago. Ten years ago. I’ll say it again, Ten. Years. Ago. How many people do you know would come out smelling like roses if every private conversation they’d ever had was recorded and played for the world to hear? You cannot be human without saying something that you later regretted. To paraphrase a religious figure, Let those without fault stop lying to themselves. Trump apologised for these remarks and promised to do better in future. Fair enough, give him a chance to prove those words.

    Then there’s the charge, before the election, that Trump and his supporters wouldn’t accept the result of the vote. After riots of hypocrisy later, all I can really say to these people is: Keep going. Riot and burn your way to a Trump second term. Explain to your children why you’ve been forever walled off in the ashes you created out of a once proud city and condemned by the rest of the country.

    Personally, as a veteran, I hate Clinton. Her history, her tone, her policies and beliefs all tell me that she hates me far more. But hey, I guess you were looking forward to registering your daughters for the draft because what we really needed was nuclear war with Russia. I know I’m not ready to see girls come home in body bags or have them lining the streets as crippled, damned and forgotten just like so many soldiers now are. Listen to Putin’s old speeches from 2015 onwards. Russia was put on the defensive by the Obama administration because of what Clinton had done as Secretary of State. Trump and Putin seem to get along quite well and both are agreeing with what the other one is saying. Imagine that, two nuclear powers getting along and working together to sort out the basket case of a world we’ve inherited.

    Ah, One World Government. That’s another rant for another time. I doubt many read this far, but if so, thank you. Please feel free to argue.

    • Les Barrie November 11, 2016 at 11:05 am #

      You pretty much “nailed”it,

  9. Les Barrie November 11, 2016 at 11:02 am #

    Nice one Chris,could you perhaps take the time to explain this to the media,politicians and luvies everywhere,after years of PC and globalisation the silent majority have said “enough” but the liberals and elites still don’t get it.

    • chrishanger November 13, 2016 at 9:05 am #

      I don’t think they’d listen. I’m pretty sure they’ll be convincing themselves that it’s business as userl soon enough.


  10. thundercloud47 November 11, 2016 at 1:00 pm #

    Chris you may live in the UK but you just nailed Hillary and the elites.

    It’s veterans day here in the USA. To all veterans, I salute you. When I say to you ” Thank you for your service.” it’s meant sincerely and gratefully.

  11. k Findlay November 12, 2016 at 9:15 am #

    Good points well made

  12. Vapori November 12, 2016 at 5:08 pm #

    What I don’t really understand is, how does it happen that Trump is seen as understanding of the common man, I mean sure he had achievement, and will likely understand something regarding the common man, but in a way Hillary does that as well as do most presidents (Just another aspect of it.)
    I mean Trump might be a successful Business man, But he Inherited, 300000000$ never before has the been a candidate that rich before, (well John F Kennedy inherited more)

    But then i don’t see that someone who owns a three story penthouse in the Trump tower or this little estate×1024.jpg can be more at touch with the reality of the small guy, After all trump lives like a lord for the last 40-50 years.

    • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard November 12, 2016 at 5:27 pm #

      There’s “living like a lord” and “talking/acting like a lord”.

      Hillary came across as “I’m the all-knowing Lord, Obey Me and Don’t Talk Back To Me”.

      Trump came across as differently. Sure he was a Rich SOB but he was a Rich SOB who appeared to listen to the concerns of those not-as-rich as him.

      The people Trump “bullied/attacked”?

      They were the same people who “bullied/attacked” the average joe who had concerns that the Democrats/Liberals/News Media considered “hateful/racist”.

      There were very very few comments critical of Trump by people who either worked for Trump or had worked for Trump.

      I’d note that the News Media would have loved to report stories about “how bad of boss Trump was” but apparently weren’t able to find many.

      There were plenty of stories about Hillary (even when she was just First Lady) about her “looking down on people” who worked in the White House.

      Even as First Lady, there was talk of “you don’t tell her what she doesn’t want to hear”.

      Heck, when her daughter started school in the Washington DC area, she told her teachers that they should call her father not her mother because “her mother would be too busy to be concerned about her”.

      • Vapori November 13, 2016 at 12:40 pm #

        Thanks for the reply it made things clearer.

    • Jack Hudler November 13, 2016 at 9:03 am #

      The very reason that you don’t understand it, is the very reason Clinton lost.

  13. Terrie Wiese November 12, 2016 at 5:51 pm #

    The world is still to much male dominated. The GOP new who would be in office, not mainly the voters. This is just my opinion. And yeah Hillary is just a bit out of touch with reality.

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