Updates, Honorcon, Etc

1 Oct

Hi, everyone

It’s been a busy week. I’ve finished the first draft (and the first set of edits) for The Hammer of God, Angel in the Whirlwind IV. The provisional title for Book 5 is The Echoes of War, but there may be a side-story first. Writing the two books in such quick succession was interesting, particularly as I had to work my way through the edits for Cursed Command (nee Unlucky) while writing Ragnarok. It should be interesting to see how the editor responds to this book, as most of his comments to the first were in my mind when I was finalising the plot for Hammer.

Cursed Command is up for pre-order now.

There’s been a slight misunderstanding regarding the next couple of books. Culture Shock, Book 13 in The Empire’s Corps, is up next. I’m currently planning to start on Wednesday, in hopes of getting as much done as possible before HONORCON; in November, I’ll be writing The Sergeant’s Apprentice, Book 11 in Schooled in Magic. I have stuck up a couple of background posts (here and here) for Books 11 and 12, but so far they only exist as detailed plots.

Paperback sales of the first three The Empire’s Corps are proceeding slowly. I’ve noticed that sales of all three Twilight of the Gods books have jumped upwards, probably because the series is now effectively complete. Still, eBooks remain the top sellers. I haven’t yet decided if I should proceed with adapting the next three The Empire’s Corps books or not. I’ll probably decide in a month or two.

(Ragnarok could do with some more reviews, if anyone’s interested. <wink>)

The audio edition of Fear God and Dread Naught is now out. Study in Slaughter will be out on Tuesday.

I’m going to be ordering the books for HONORCON on Monday. If you are going to the convention and you want to order books reserved for you, please let me know before Sunday night.


2 Responses to “Updates, Honorcon, Etc”

  1. Muratcan SImsek October 1, 2016 at 12:55 pm #

    Cursed Command will be out in March?

    Why so late if it is almost finished?

    • chrishanger October 1, 2016 at 2:52 pm #

      I believe they want to ready the audio and print versions first.


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