Book Sale Update

8 Sep

Hi, everyone

First, I owe a number of people an apology for not handling this sooner. In my defence, I went to Malaysia for six months and then we had problems with the new house that prevented me from bringing out my stock, assessing what was missing and obtaining new copies of the missing books. Mea Culpa.

Anyway …

As some of you know, owing to the general confusion in the April-May period, a number of copies of my books were sent out to purchases without signatures. I have no excuse for this at all. If you received copies of unsigned books and you want them signed, please drop me an email at the normal address and let me know what you have and what you want. We can work something out from there.

Second, if you didn’t purchase any books from me during the last sale, this is your chance to purchase more copies (which will be signed unless you specifically refuse it). Copies of books to a UK address will be £12, copies of books to a non-UK address will be £17, payment via PayPal (but drop me an email first to make sure I have whatever you want in stock.) As of this post, I have:

Schooled in Magic 1-9, Barbarians at the Gates 1-3, Ark Royal 1-8, A Learning Experience 1-3, Twilight of the Gods 1-2, The Royal Sorceress 1-4, Angel in the Whirlwind 1-2, Bookworm 2-4 (note no copies of Bookworm itself ATM) and a handful of singletons.

Please make sure that you provide me with the complete address for international shipping, particularly for non-UK addresses. I take no responsibility for parcels that go missing owning to faulty addresses.

Thank you in advance.


4 Responses to “Book Sale Update”

  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard September 8, 2016 at 4:18 pm #

    Chris, just a suggestion.

    Look into “bookplates”.

    You could send signed-by-you bookplates to the readers who have dead-tree copies without signatures and want your signature.

    Also, the readers could send the bookplates to you for signing and you could sign & return the bookplates.

    • chrishanger September 10, 2016 at 4:06 pm #

      Good point. I’ll look into that.


  2. Ricardo Sanchez September 30, 2016 at 10:26 am #

    Is SIM 11 available as a signed copy ?

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