Up Now–Fear God and Dread Naught (Ark Royal VIII)

1 Jul

Available for purchase NOW!  Reviews, comments and shares welcome.

On her last cruise, HMS Vanguard – the most powerful battleship in the Royal Navy – barely survived her encounter with a deadly new enemy. Now, with her commanding officer accused of everything from mutiny to dereliction of duty and her crew under a cloud, the Royal Navy doesn’t quite know what to do with her.

But there’s still a war on. And Vanguard must return to the front lines.

Assigned to a task force heading to assist humanity’s alien allies, Vanguard and her crew find themselves caught in a deadly alien trap. Can they survive to turn the tables on their enigmatic foe …

… Or will their next encounter with the new enemies be their last?

fear god and dread naught cover

[Like my other self-published Kindle books, Fear God and Dread Naught is DRM-free. You may reformat it as you choose. Read a FREE SAMPLE, then download from Amazon here – US, UK, CAN, AUS.]

4 Responses to “Up Now–Fear God and Dread Naught (Ark Royal VIII)”

  1. David Graf July 3, 2016 at 2:37 pm #

    Just got it yesterday and still reading. So far, I really enjoy it. Thanks!

  2. Gardner Friedlander July 5, 2016 at 4:29 am #

    I just got it yesterday and finished it today. Obviously hard to put down. Another wonderful addition!
    Found one typo, though: Chapter 29, as George is fleeing the helicopters. About five paragraphs after the whistle blew. Paragraph starts, ‘Byron hadn’t’ answered the question”. At the end of the first sentence, ‘that there many other choices’. The words “were not” should appear between ‘there’ and ‘many’.

  3. Damon July 6, 2016 at 12:01 pm #

    Overall very good. Really enjoying this series. However there were a few things that annoyed me.
    The first being your use of the light speed delay. I think at one point you said there was 2 hours 40 minutes before contact between the two fleets but half an hour delay before they could even see the fleet. This is huge and implies the fleet is travelling at nearly 20% of lightspeed. This would cause all sorts of relativistic effects and there would be almost no way for the two fleets could slow down enough enough for they type of engagement you describe. You should cut down the light speed delay. More realistic is 2 to 3 minutes one way and maybe 5 minutes to see their reaction. Especially when you take into account how much fuel they have to carry. Bit of a nitpick but I can see the effort you try to put in making it realistic.
    Also I think you are bit harsh on academics. I can’t see the academics being any worse than military minds in grasping the fact that aliens are fundamentally different. Especially now they have had 3 intelligent species to study(including humans). In fact I see them being the other spectrum and perhaps to the point of uselessness in that they will just say they are alien and it may be almost impossible for us to understand their motivations and thought processes. Well there are no current xenobioligists for good reason so it is a bit hard to justify my assertions there has been some research in the possible motivations of Artificial superintelligences which seems to support me.

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