Updates (again)

16 Oct

Hi, everyone.

I finished up the first draft of Storm Front (Twilight of the Gods I) on Monday and it’s currently with the agent. Writing Storm Front was an interesting challenge, both because I wanted to develop the conditions for the Nazi Civil War and because I largely wanted to avoid serious military action for most of the book. (And because I had to present the mindset of people unlucky enough to grow up in Nazi Germany without making the good guys (at least) monsters.) It was a deliberate choice to put character-building over action and, I feel, it works fairly well.

The provisional titles for II and III are Chosen of the Valkyries and Ragnarok. I did think about calling the books Gotterdammerung, Fimbulvetr and Ragnarok, but I felt the allusion would confuse readers.

I spent Wednesday and Thursday editing and revising Wedding Hells. It’s an interesting experience – and a somewhat humiliating one. Having someone take a hard look at your work and point out its weaknesses is never easy, particularly as some of the changes have knock-on effects further down the manuscript. I’ve been blessed with good editors for the series – and my beta readers have been utterly invaluable – but having to take a manuscript apart is often unpleasant.

Not that I’m complaining (much). Being editor-proof is, in some ways, the peak of a writer’s career – because they tend to go downhill sharply once they reach those ratified heights. Having someone point to a potential problem and tell you to think about it is very useful, even if you disagree with them. At the very least, you know it’s a potential problem when you start.

The next project is The Black Sheep, which will be book III of A Learning Experience. After that, I think it’s high time I concluded The Decline and Fall of the Galactic Empire.

In other news, Eric is moving steadily onto ‘solid’ (more like sloppy) food. Watching him eye daddy with horror as I prepare his breakfast is amusing, though he hasn’t quite mastered the idea of drinking from a sippy cup yet. So far, the only thing we’ve found he won’t eat is fruit – clearly, he hasn’t inherited much of his dad’s pickiness. <grin>



5 Responses to “Updates (again)”

  1. HisDad October 16, 2015 at 11:45 pm #

    With Wedding hells needing such work, may I suggest that you ask one or more of your beta readers for a second (private) review before you publish

  2. Anarchymedes October 17, 2015 at 6:56 pm #

    No mention of Falcone Strike? I went and ore-ordered it, to be delivered on the 16th of January, which means it has to happen in—what?—3 months, give or take, right? That means it must be in editing already…
    I wonder if the cover art for both books was done using MakeHuman. Its current version doesn’t support a facial rig so you can’t change the facial expression of the generated character. And while our heroine’s pose is different from the first book (what’s she doing now, trying to save the local power grid in a big thunderstorm?) the facial expression seems almost exactly the same (low-resolution image on Amazon?)

  3. G October 23, 2015 at 6:39 am #

    You have far more skill in writing than I do, but do you really want Wedding Hells to end in such a sharp break from arc 1??? You’ve spent 7-8 books with Emily building friendships and power in a certain locale…Emily could also serve as a moderating influence on Randor, help defuse certain situations, and then, spending perhaps 20-30% of her time at home, move on and outwards spending 70-80% of her time on the Necromancers and the Allied Lands…it’s very hard on readers invested in certain storylines to walk away from them abruptly…you may lose some readers…thank you for a wonderful series…

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