Ravencon Update

14 Mar

Hi, everyone

We got Eric’s passport, so it looks (barring complete disaster) as though we will be going to Ravencon in April. I’m hoping to get a table – updates will be made on my Facebook fan page – and sell some of my books. However, as I can’t bring very many, if you are coming and you want a signed copy, please let me know ASAP (I really need to place the order in a week or so.)

The books listed below are currently available in paperback (or should be available by the time the con rolls around). This is probably rather cumbersome, but it’s the only way I can deal with it at the moment.

Books available: The Royal Sorceress, The Great Game, Necropolis, Bookworm, The Very Ugly Duckling, The Best Laid Plans (I hope), Sufficiently Advanced Technology, A Life Less Ordinary, The Mind’s Eye, First Strike, Schooled In Magic, Lessons In Etiquette, Study In Slaughter, Work Experience, The School of Hard Knocks (I hope), Barbarians at the Gates, The Shadow of Cincinnatus, Ark Royal, The Nelson Touch, The Trafalgar Gambit, Warspite, A Learning Experience.

Check my Published Books page for links and free samples.

I estimate rough costs of $14 per book, but it’s something I will need to sort out.

I’m hoping to sort out some promotional materials as well <grin>. Any ideas would be more than welcome.

Hope to see you there.


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