Up Now–The Empire’s Corps X–Never Surrender!

9 Feb

The direct sequel to Retreat Hell!

The war isn’t going well.

Wolfbane’s forces are pressing the Commonwealth on multiple fronts, the Commonwealth’s fragile political balance is on the verge of shattering and there’s a high-placed spy somewhere within the Commonwealth elite. For Colonel Edward Stalker and his men, the stakes have never been so high. Defeat will mean the end of everything they have fought and died for since their exile from Earth.

Held in a POW camp on Meridian, a world on the edge of settled space, Jasmine Yamane and her men seem trapped. But one thing she was never taught was how to give up. She’s coming home, even if she has to burn her way through enemy space to do it …

[This book is completely DRM-free. As always, you can download a free RTF sample from here, purchase the kindle version from HERE and read the afterword here!]

8 Responses to “Up Now–The Empire’s Corps X–Never Surrender!”

  1. Gary Boyle February 10, 2015 at 8:33 am #

    Just Kindled it then – the cheese and kisses had just finished ” The Thin Blue Line” so i am in the good books ( literally) again. Time to spend those browny points quick smart before she finds something to blame me for

  2. Hans February 11, 2015 at 5:09 am #

    Just finished the book. Great plot! Thanks.

    Mr. Nuttall just one question: Do you intend to write about what happened to Roland and the Marines that left Slaughterhouse? As the exile of the Stalker’s Stalker to Avalon was a MC command decision, I expected that at some point the Marines went to Avalon or some other RIM planet near Avalon.

    As I understood when reading the fall of the empire and the escape of Roland, The Marines had already made plans for their own exile (they knew about the fall) and it does not make much sense that the General in command of the MC had sent Stalker in an opposite direction to get rid of them. As far as I know about Marines, no one is left behind (nor in exile).

  3. John September 6, 2015 at 12:35 am #

    Whens the Audio Book get finished?

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