On A More Blog Related Topic …

17 Sep

On a more blog-related topic than the Scottish Referendum …

First, I’ve completed the first draft of Barbarians At The Gates II: The Shadow of Cincinnatus. I’m hoping to get some responses from beta-readers soon, then forward it to the editor. I hope this is considered good news.

Second, I’ve done the first major set of edits for Work Experience (Schooled In Magic IV). This was the usual hair-pulling session, but most of the suggested edits were good ones; it’s always useful to have a very critical eye going over the manuscript. I hope there won’t be many more sessions before the final version can be sent for publication. Hopefully, the book will be out in a few weeks, but no promises.

I’ve outlined the plot for Book VI, but I’m not sure when it’s going to be written.

Third, I’m currently working on the plot for Hard Lessons (A Learning Experience II) and I hope to start writing it on Monday. (By then, I may know if I’m going to be living in an independent Scotland or not.) Annoyingly, I had an idea for a book set between ALE and HL while I was making notes for the plot, so there may be a Book III that takes place between the two. We’ll see.

Fourth, Castalia House is producing a forthcoming MIL-SF anthology series entitled Riding the Red Horse. I’ve contributed a short story entitled A Piece of Cake, which is the origin story of the hero of Warspite (Ark Royal IV). I don’t know if the story will be available elsewhere – I’m going to have to think about that – but we shall see. If this becomes a regular series, I will probably try to contribute more work in the future.

I think that’s all for the moment. Feel free to comment on any or all of the above.


2 Responses to “On A More Blog Related Topic …”

  1. Petar September 21, 2014 at 9:25 pm #

    I just finished Knight’s Move and I can only say “wow!”, this one was excellent. Watching your work evolve and you as well as a writer was a really gratifying experience. This one was the best book to date (and I think I read most of your work). IMO you are there now with Weber, Larson, Scalzi, Shepherd and the lot . The pacing, the characters, the setting, the details, the overall story-I really think you nailed it with this one. I know you have several books in the works and I am looking forward to them even more now. Really good work! 😀

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