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A Very Strange Week

4 Apr

It’s been a very weird week, all things considered, and I haven’t really been feeling too good (yesterday I didn’t have the energy to write, which was a major disaster by anyone’s reckoning (or at least mine.)) My current plan is to finish the first draft of The Royal Sorceress III: Necropolis before Easter, as we’re planning to take a few days off to visit my family, have a break and go to Author Con.

The problem with that is that we will probably have to go to the clinic at least twice more over the next couple of weeks, which is going to be a headache. If you have time for it, please pray that everything goes well for us.

After that, I hope to spend May writing the revised version of The Oncoming Storm. I have big ambitions for that book; the success of Ark Royal has interested some people in my work, which I may be able to use to get into mainstream publishing (and even if I can’t, it should kick off a new series.) After that, I think I need to write The School of Hard Knocks, Schooled in Magic V. That then leaves me writing Ark III or TEC9. I know this is slower than I meant, but … at least it’s still fairly quick, isn’t it? I should probably be able to put out an older book on Kindle at that point, depending.

My current concept for Ark Royal is to finish the current plotline with Book III, which I honestly have not been able to determine a title for. Ideally, it should be something relating to the Royal Navy’s history, but I can’t think of one. Sovereign of Space? I think I’ll do The Hardest Day afterwards, which will cover the Battle of Earth. And then … well, there’s plenty of potential settings for post-war stories. Maybe a story following a small frigate rather than a giant carrier.

Actually, I’ve had an idea about a starship from the future jumping back in time to the Ark Royal universe, as a spin-off of sorts. But it will take some careful planning <grin>.

As always, thoughts and comments are welcome.

I’m actually looking for names for characters for TOS. If you want to be featured, please let me know.