New Free Book–And Fan Fiction

31 Jan

I’ve uploaded a new free book to my site – The Uninvited (blurb below.) I do intend to rewrite the book at some point, so comments would be welcome. I’ve also uploaded my very first piece of fan fiction – No More Justice, a short story set in the universe of The Empire’s Corps.

The Uninvited Cover Blurb

No One Can Stop Them…

They come in the night and take humans from their homes, abducting them to their ships and experimenting on them before returning their victims to their homes, unaware of what happened to them…until now. By sheer luck, Jon Sonnenleiter, a former Army Ranger and PI, obtains proof of the alien presence on Earth. Taking the information to the government, Jon is almost killed by federal agents.

With the government hunting them, Jon and a group of friends go on the run, struggling to uncover the truth behind the alien presence on Earth. They discover a terrifying aliens conspiracy that has been infiltrating the Earth for decades, one that is slowly coming out into the light. The race is on to stop the aliens before they take over the Earth, with all of humanity at stake…

One Response to “New Free Book–And Fan Fiction”

  1. Walt Dunn February 1, 2014 at 6:01 pm #

    Interesting short fanfic. Let me know if your author is interested in a preliminary spellcheck.edit… A good short with room for expansion – There’s lots of room for adding in depth treatment of the Marshalls Service and the Han revolt. Just think of all the world views available in this Universe. Cheers from the Pocono Mountains

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