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A Very Good Week

8 Jun

It’s been a very good week for my writing <grin>.

First, as I noted previously, Schooled in Magic has been picked up for publication.

Second, the German rights to Bookworm have been acquired by Random House. This is a huge step forward for my career and I’m very excited.

Third, I’m 19 chapters into The Outcast (aka The Empire’s Corps V.) I hope to have it out and online by the end of the month.

Fourth, I’m starting a regular series of book reviews on Amazing Stories. The first one can be found here. I plan to look at the older Baen books I’ve been collecting over the past 15 or so years.

Definitely a good week.


Schooled in Magic to be Published!

7 Jun

I’ve been given a piece of extremely good news. Schooled In Magic will be published by Twilight Times Books! The current (extremely vague) publication date is mid-2014, although I am hopeful that the ebook will come out earlier, once there is yet another round of editing.

I’d like to thank everyone who helped with the creation of this universe.  

Oh … and new Free BooksThe Third World War.   When the Empire Falls

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