New Kindle Book: The Coward’s Way of War

6 May

What would happen if weaponized smallpox got loose?

This is the question I try to answer in my latest Kindle publication, The Coward’s Way of War. In the very near future, biological weapons are stolen by terrorists and released in the United States of America. As the disease spreads out of control and society starts to collapse, people are forced to struggle to survive a disaster that will reshape the world for hundreds of years to come.

Against this backdrop, an extraordinary cast of men and women fight desperately for survival in a world gone mad. Doctor Nicolas Awad struggles desperately to contain and control the outbreak; President Paula Handley struggles to rally the shattered country for war and preserve something of the American way of life. On the streets of New York, Sergeant Al Hattlestad and the NYPD try to keep order and save as many as possible, while survivalist Jim Revells takes his family and tries to hide from the chaos.

But the nightmare has only just begun.

As always, a free sample of the book can be found on my site and then it can be downloaded from Amazon here. It’s afterword can be found here.

On other news, The Slightest Hope of Victory, Book III of Outside Context Problem, should be uploaded by the end of the week. Keep watching for news of a free promotion to support the book.

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