New Book – When The Bough Breaks (The Empire’s Corps III)

14 Feb

By popular demand, When The Bough Breaks, Book III of The Empire’s Corps, is now available for download from Amazon. As always with my self-published books, there is no DRM; you can do anything with the electronic version that you can do with a paper book. You can download a free sample from my site and then purchase the full version from Amazon here. Comments and reviews are very welcome.

“When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall,

“And down will come baby, cradle and all.”

The Galactic Empire is dying. In their high towers, the Grand Senators plot and struggle to grasp a larger share of power while on the streets, the poor struggle to survive just one more day. Chaos and anarchy are running through the megacities of Earth, while giant corporations tighten the screws and colony worlds plan to declare independence and escape the Empire’s increasing demands for resources. Centuries of mismanagement are finally catching up with the human race. The end cannot be long delayed.

Specialist Belinda Lawson, a Marine Pathfinder who survived the fighting on Han, is assigned to serve as a bodyguard to the Childe Roland, the Heir to the Imperial Throne, and attempt to prepare him to be Emperor. But Roland is a puppet and a spoilt brat – and, perhaps, the only hope of saving the Empire, if he can be redeemed in time.

And yet, as shadowy figures prepare to make their final bid for apotheosis – or nemesis – it may be all she can do to keep her young charge alive.


2 Responses to “New Book – When The Bough Breaks (The Empire’s Corps III)”

  1. Terry Edmunds February 18, 2013 at 7:46 pm #

    Chris, loved the latest Empire Corps…so YES write another one. You have to get back to a place of refuge for the corps..back on that other planet, name escapes me right now. As for When the Bough Breaks…NOT your best SCI FI book ever but off all the books I have read so you your BEST book in general …. you made me think a great deal and apply it to our world today…which I know was your point. It’s frightening to think where we are headed if we don’t stop this headlong rush into debt and obscurity. Thanks

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