New Kindle Book–And Promotion!

17 Nov

Hi, everyone.

I have recently uploaded another book to Kindle, The Black Knife, and to start it off I have decided to offer it for free in a promotion running from 20th November 2012 to 22nd November 2012 (US time).

The most dangerous form of magic on Touched – a world where those born with magic wield political power – is necromancy, the art of drawing magical power from the act of murder. It has long been banned and rightfully so, yet the ambitious and power-hungry Duke Herod – intent on placing his posterior upon the Golden Throne – has resurrected the art, planning to use it to destroy the Royal Family and take the Throne for himself.

On the eve of their wedding, Prince Eric and Mistress Hind are forced to flee the Palace as Herod’s forces launch a coup against the Emperor. As they make their way to the only safety left in a world touched by necromancy and darkest magic, they are pursued by Herod’s men, while behind them Herod sinks further into madness. If the necromancer cannot be stopped, the entire world is in terrible danger…

…And may be destroyed.

(As a matter of principle, all of my self-published electronic books are DRM-free. If you don’t like Kindle format, just convert the files using Calibre or another conversion program.)

You can download a free sample from my website and then download it directly from Amazon here. If you like my writing, please download it for free during that period and write a review – remember, sequels depend upon sales.

On a different basis, fans of The Empire’s Corps will be pleased to know that No Worse Enemy, the sequel, is well underway. Look for it sometime in mid-December. I also need more reviews for The Royal Sorceress

Please share this as widely as possible.  <Grin>

Have fun!


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