Trapped on a Hostile World

16 Aug

Story concept idea…

It is the year 2201 (or whenever; my working concept puts this in the early days of the Vendetta universe, but that may change.) Jimmy Caesar, crime lord of New Washington, has finally been arrested and put in front of a reasonably honest jury. Poor Jimmy, guilty of running a crime ring that wrecked the lives of thousands of people, has been sentenced to permanent exile to Alcatraz, a godforsaken marginally habitable world that serves as a UN penal colony. Instead of being executed, condemned criminals are dumped on the planet and left to live or die there without further interference. Some of them would probably have preferred to be executed.

(Or I could do it as an Imperium story. How does that sound?)

As Jimmy and his goons have considerable influence from even inside a jail cell, the judge makes the decision to exile them as quickly as possible, which means transporting them on the Paris, a luxury liner used to travel between Earth and the various colony worlds. Unlike normal operations, the criminals will be shuttled down to the surface and their escorting guards will make sure they’re down before leaving them behind.

Jimmy has plans, though. One of his operatives, still on the outside, blackmails a senior officer on the Paris. Instead of jumping into near-orbital space, the Paris arrives within the planet’s gravity well. The liner basically falls into the atmosphere and crash-lands on the surface, with the best the crew can do slowing their fall enough to ensure that most of the ship survives. There is absolutely no hope of lifting up again from the surface. The Captain and crew do what they can, but the bottom line is that 2000+ passengers and crew are stuck on a very hostile world.

Naturally, Jimmy and his men take this opportunity to escape, taking some of the passengers as hostages. His grand plan is forging a new empire on Alcatraz, eventually linking up with his allies on the outside to create the first rogue world. If he can take control of society, such as it is, on Alcatraz, he will be King – and the liner’s stocks will be the stuff of legends to the unlucky inhabitants.

The crew have to fight to save themselves, knowing that it may be years before the UN sends another ship to Alcatraz.



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