Cycles of Life

14 May

Something that has been buzzing through my head.

There are five cycles of life in the known universe.

First, a race develops intelligence and crawls out of the mud. They are the primitive, explaining what they see through mythology and imagining the existence of gods.

Second, a race develops technology and replaces superstition with rationality. They are the learners, struggling to understand the processes that drove their forbearers towards intelligence.

Third, a race develops space travel and reaches out beyond the horizon. They explore the universe, meet new friends and enemies, and take their place among the stars.

Fourth, a race evolves to the point where they become beings of energy, with powers that seem godlike to the lesser races. They withdraw from contact with the galaxy and start to develop their own mentalities. The petty struggles between Third Cycle races no longer concern them.

Fifth, a race opens a gateway into the Vale, a higher dimension, and leaves the mortal plane forever….

…And what happens after that, nobody knows.

Some races never develop technology, or are destroyed by their own success. Others in the First and Second Cycle meet Third Cycle races and are overwhelmed by them, their development short-circuited and terminated. Some survive and eventually evolve past the cultural shock caused by meeting more advanced races, others decay and become little more than scavengers, feeding on the leavings of more advanced races.

But what happens when one race tries to jump ahead of itself?

3 Responses to “Cycles of Life”

  1. The Deposed King May 16, 2012 at 9:45 pm #

    A religious first cycle race gets hold of third cycle technology. Everyone thinks they are conquest oriented. And they are. But while everyone looks to this race’s theological doctrine which much like the muslims says you can take christians and jews as your slaves if you want. This race is focused on transcending to Angle-form and storming the gates to heaven. Maybe this race believes they were kicked out of heaven and until they can prove their worthiness and ability to enter the 2nd heaven, they are stuck with the 1st heaven, the majority of them being recycled in some sort of reincarnation cycle.

    Unlike lots of reincarnationists they feel they are being punished. That anyone reincarnated as a Vor-Seck (their race) or whatever they’re called, has been automatically found unworthy and are being punished for a Vor-Seck’s life is one of toil and hardship.

    So while everyone is focused on their aggressive tendancies towards their neighbors, they are trying to bring about the return of the 13th imam who will transcend to spirit form and storm the gates of heaven, destined to take the plea of the Vor-Seck to the god or gods themselves and end the cycle of mortal punishment that is their life.

    None of the other races even see this coming because the Vor-Seck are reincarnationists. They don’t realize they are reincarnationists because they feel they have been kicked out of heaven, the 5th cycle.

    The Deposed Kin g

    • chrishanger May 17, 2012 at 9:32 am #

      Now, there is a cool idea. Not what I had in mind, but I could work it into the plot somewhere.


  2. The Deposed King May 18, 2012 at 1:27 am #

    Yeah most of the plot and even characters of the religious race could be focused on conquest and battle and subjugating others.

    But while that’s the right of every Vor-Seck and they are quite interested in asserting their rights, what just about every loyal son of the race is interested in (but don’t ever think about because its supposedly impossible), is breaking the cycle of birth-and-rebirth. Maybe they believe that while your soul will never be sent to the 2nd heaven, you will be reborn again and again… unless your soul is destroyed by (insert demon-shadow fiends)

    You could also have them doing some very strange things militaristically, making them highly unpredictable, because very occasionally the High Dream Priestly Caste, issues orders to the Military Friars of the army and flees.

    Everyone on the other side dismisses the High Dreamers as a small, non-political, non-powerful and somewhat reclusive sect. One that is quite small and very scorned by the rest of the Vor-Seck religious orders. Which is why when the High Dreamer Priests start issuing instructions with the weight of a Papal Bull, not only is it unexpected but because of intelligence penetration of the Vor-Seck and the general opinion of that Caste by the others is well known, its viewed as a massive dis-informational campaign. Even after breaking the Vor-Seck codes, they still don’t believe the Orders from the High Dreamers are really from the High Dreamers, but instead must be coming from the Council of Arch-pilons (perhaps an indication of division at high levels). And all the mystic mumbo-jumbo they are spouting as the reasons for the unexpected fleet movement orders are a secret code.

    Really the High Dreamers are tasked with discovering a way into heaven and supporting the 13th Imam when he or she comes. But you could totally go like with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. There will be three times when the Vor-Seck will have the possibility of raising the prophet and two chances once the prophet is here to get into heaven. The first shall be through force, if that failes the second shall be through gile. If that fails the God shall move to punish Vor-Seck and de-evolve them or something.

    The Deposed King

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