What Next?

9 May

So…what should I do next. Got ideas, but which one?

Double Dealer (thriller/spy novel) – basically, an ex-CIA agent is recruited to hunt down a Russian officer who has gone rogue – and has a cunning plan to carry out the worst terrorist strike since 9/11. The first snippet is posted on my blog.

Flag In Exile: The Remnant (sci-fi) – humanity has lost a war with an alien race and humanity’s small network of colonies have been occupied. One starship, the most advanced that humanity has ever designed, remains free, along with a handful of human refugees from the aliens. Facing impossible odds, they become mercenaries, serving the galactic powers while building up the force to liberate Earth and defeat the aliens once and for all. Probably a series; I haven’t decided yet.

The Artful Apprentice (fantasy) – Looking for a new apprentice, an elderly mage accidentally summons a young woman from our world. His first thought is that she’s useless, but when he realises that she has some power, he starts to train her, hoping that she might be the one to break the stranglehold of the Sorcerers of Light.

His Father’s Son (sci-fi) – His father has been killed…and his son sets out to wage war on the pirates that killed him, eventually being sucked into the chaos surrounding the falling Imperium.

On the Imperium’s Secret Service (sci-fi) – Two young female space pilots have been arrested on trumped up charges and sentenced to slavery. A nobleman from the core of the Imperium snaps them up…but his foppish exterior disguises a man desperate to save the Imperium from disaster…and head off a cunning plan intended to bring down hundreds of worlds into an alien empire.

Freedom’s Price (sci-fi) – three hundred years ago, Earth was invaded. Now humanity makes a desperate bid for freedom.

I’ve also got two long-term projects under way. One, currently titled Back As Black, follows a USMC Battalion that gets sent back in time to the US Civil War. Unfortunately for all concerned, they end up in the Deep South. The second is a hell of a lot more controversial. But I won’t say much about it now.

Another vague idea is either an alien invasion story, or a riff off The Fall of Night. In that story, Russia invaded Europe and eventually crushed Britain, hence the title. The narrator would be caught up in the war as Russia invades, tries to flee home…and then gets caught up in more fighting as the British counterattack (perhaps with American help.) But if I use aliens, I need a convincing reason they were beaten.

Any thoughts would be welcome.



2 Responses to “What Next?”

  1. The Deposed King May 9, 2012 at 7:08 pm #

    The Artful Apprentice

    His Father’s Son

    Flag In Exile

    These are my choices.

    The Deposed King

    • chrishanger May 10, 2012 at 10:03 am #

      I’m still working on the plot for TAA.


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