Caesar’s Starships

1 May

I may do this as a story, but never mind. Thoughts would be welcome.

Let’s assume that very few societies manage to develop technology and survive it long enough to reach the stars. A handful of races that do decide that it is their duty to help their less fortunate neighbours by giving them advanced technology and aid programs intended to teach modern science.

The year is 55BC. Julius Caesar has just won the first round of fighting in Gaul, while his allies Crassus and Pompey are sharing their second consulate, effectively making themselves (and Caesar) masters of Rome.

And then the aliens arrive, bringing the gifts of their science to the Romans.

What happens next?



2 Responses to “Caesar’s Starships”

  1. The Deposed King May 2, 2012 at 2:25 am #

    Sounds like Eric Flint’s Assin*** Shards series, however its really spelled. I really think you have an idea here. If you’re imagination is ready to run wild, I say tear into it. That said, this isn’t really grabbing me. But then I tend to go light on the alternate history, heavy on the sci-fi, by preference. That said anything done well can grab me. Louis Lemor wrote some great westerns.

    I kind of have a hard time with doing ceaser, the ceaser in space. As in earths course of history changed. However clones or copies of ceaser and a whole swath of other romans and earth types catupulted into the future or different parts of space and then set loose, or who break loose. More up my alley. But like I said, if you’ve got a dream, don’t let anyone stop you.

    The Deposed King

    • chrishanger May 2, 2012 at 9:36 am #

      I’m going to be playing with it sooner or later.


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