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20 Apr

Coming soon…Second Strike (or perhaps Counterstrike)

Five years ago, the human race fought the Hegemony and defeated it, winning a place on the galactic stage. But humanity’s victory has started a chain reaction that will bring down the Association and leave nothing, but chaos in its wake. Taking their chance to establish a new order, a coalition of Galactics makes its own bid for supreme power – their first target; the handful of alien races that have allied themselves with the Federation.

But the Federation is facing the political strains unleashed by victory, strains that may tear it apart. The Federation Council wishes to remain neutral in the fighting, but a rogue human’s schemes to save his adopted people will drag humanity into a war where victory – or destruction – are the only possible outcomes.

And this enemy has matched humanity’s technology…

5 Responses to “Coming Soon”

  1. The Deposed King April 23, 2012 at 3:12 am #

    I’m not in love with the 5 year time gap. On the other hand it sounds like there’s a lot of potential here.

    I think it would be fun to throw in a line like. People who Are sent out to save the world, get disavowed and left for dead and then turn around and ‘in large part due to his efforts’ help save the world, sometimes then get the idea that the world owes them and they then have the right to drag it into another fight it might not be able to win. Its pure ego and selfishness, that’s what it is. And those sorts of individuals have to be stopped. Saving something does not give you the right to risk it at your whim. (Maybe the CNO, when Wachter starts going rogue and bending the course of events?)

    Wachter on the other hand. They owed me, and besides, anyone who wants someone else to listen to them and believe they have his best interests at heart and should listen to them, aughtn’t aught to have gone and put a price on his dead, for captured dead-or-alive. They lost the right to the moral high ground a long time ago. Right now its down to who’s got the best ideas and he isn’t convinced. Not when it involves leaving the only people who stood up with him (the Gobbles), out to dry.

    the Deposed King

    • chrishanger April 23, 2012 at 6:58 am #

      That’s pretty much what I had in mind. Though I haven’t quite worked out where everyone from FS is going to end up for CS.

      Five years…something as big as the Association isn’t going to fall quickly. It will take time for them to realise that all the old rules no longer apply, and then some of the older powers realise that they have a chance to take complete power for themsleves.


      • The Deposed King April 23, 2012 at 12:00 pm #

        It could get pretty hairy out there. and anyone looking to make a name for themselves, at least if they don’t already have a name, will be gunning for the Humans. Knock them over and suddenly you’re a power on the galactic scene.

        The big boys are probably either terrified or arrogant. Eitehr way they don’t see the need to go out of their way to crush humanity. They’ll just trample all over it when as soon as it gets underfoot.

        In the mean time, upgraded SD’s are going to give even a fleet of these human cruisers what for. (of course they are still fighting last years war, but just how far has humanity advanced in the mean time? is it far enough?)

        Add in the Gobbles. 5 years with a skilled work force and a major generic tech base, both orbital and planetary? Plus close contact with humanity and contacts with every resistance organization in the old Hegemony?

        I wouldn’t be surprised if they are no longer one world but a network of 20 or more spread throughout the sector. Humanity might be willing to take a pass, but they’ve got to feel the righteous pressure to liberate their fellow Funk Slaves.

        They’ve got to have something of a real fleet by now too. With an industrial base and surrounded by enemies. Plus with Wachter at the helm of their Federation Negotiation. I doubt what the human stealth ships see is everything there is. Hidden shipyard and secret gobble base anyone?

        Humanity cuts them off to dry and they come out loaded for bear with a new generation of Gobble SD’s. 1.5-2.5 years to build an SD in this universe. Means the first generation of ‘probably’ old style SD’s and cruisers upgraded as they could with human technology is orbiting the Gobble World for all to see. Meanwhile the first of the new production hulls, loaded with more than a bit of brand new and entirely gobble surprises are just about to come rolling off the docks. Everything from Gunships to SD’s.

        Once again the human Federation miscalculated when they hung Wachter out to dry, and this time he has a (real) battle fleet.

        Meanwhile the CNO is making all the smart plays and holding the line for humanity as best he can. However even he is surprised at what the Human Wild card comes up with.

        The Deposed King

  2. chrishanger April 24, 2012 at 8:36 am #

    Definitely what I have in mind.

    I’d expect the Gobbles to be much more active than humanity in picking up the pieces from the wreckage of the Hegemony. They were pretty widespread through Funk territory and they’d probably want to keep their former masters weakened. (And the Funks wouldn’t expect a far bloodier civil war, even though their technology is much more advanced than they had pre-contact). This would probably bring them into contact with other powers, even though the Federation might prefer to wait a while, learn what they can from the last war and improve humanity’s tech again.

    And if they are building new ships (like Germany in 1936) they’re going to find it easier to start inputting all the human advancements (and whatever else they come up with on their own.) Maybe start working with the Tarn and human refugees. I could see them offering places to any human who wanted to leave Earth and settle on their worlds, even humans who might not be immediately useful.

    While the Federation is still a little divided on the question of what is to happen to Gaston, to say nothing of other worlds settled by humanity. And Terra Nova is going to turn into a problem. Everyone who lived through the occupation is going to feel a certain divide from the rest of humanity, particularly new settlers.

    (And there’s Clarke’s untapped potential…)

    Thinking about it, maybe the Gobbles go for a United Federation of Planets idea – everyone equal in their alliance. That’s going to be very attractive to every client race in the galaxy, the ones who have to put up with permanent subordination even if that subordination isn’t very onerous. That may cause the post-Cat Galactics to start thinking about nipping this little problem in the bud, even if the Gobbles aren’t allied with humanity openly. Which would in turn provide a chance for Joshua to bring the Federation into the war…


  3. The Deposed King April 24, 2012 at 12:44 pm #

    From your reply I can’t tell if the Gobbles are part of the Human Federation or they leave during the book or if they are only allies with the Human’s (at least at some point in the last 5 years) protecting their world with military power.

    You can go wherever the plot is taking you but the mechanics of the how you get to that point, especially in the beginning matter.

    Right now the Gobbles are (despite whatever they call themselves) more of a Confederation. Rebel worlds with seccionist movements, and scattered planets with differing races, out right and former pirates working to similar purposes. Of course that can change but I think that if you have the humans as part of a Federation. You might consider calling whatever the Gobbles try to set up a Confederation, at least to start. Confederation implies looser central authority than a federation, and all the antifunk slaves have to be at least superficially against this, despite whatever local dictator ship their rebel leaders might secretly want to set up.

    AS far as the Gobbles attracting the attention of Galactic Super Powers… my impression so far is that they were a minor client race of the Funks, limited to funk territory. they didn’t even register as a minor speed bump in inter galactic politics before this.

    I actually have an idea. Trash can it if you don’t like. The Gobbles and their little equality of races in their nascent galactic organization are dismissed and over shadowed by the humans. If they are considered, it is as a way to strip one of the Human’s allies. At least by everyone but the Funks, Humans and Tarn. Until that is, they come out with surprises of their own.

    In your universe you have

    Battle Cruisers

    Carriers: troops
    Carriers: gunships
    Purpose Built

    How about if the Gobbles come out with a few new surprise class of their own. Now they aren’t as innovated as the Humans, and even if they were, they didn’t have a government or a research organization 5 years ago. however bigger bedder versions of old tech…

    Mobile Ship Yards
    Maurader Class Troop Carriers

    What if they realized they couldn’t build hidden yards big enough to build the largest ships of the wall, and keep them hidden (meaning at some point they would have a serious risk of losing them to enemy strikes). So they decided to build the next best thing. They worked off the idea of Joshua’s mobile repair facility for the pirate force and decided to build a secret fleet train instead. Only its not the traditional fleet train. The idea got into some innovative gobble heads and ran away.

    So in addition to their rapidly growing Home Yards, which can build SD’s. They diverted all the resources they could secretly squirell away into what was supposed to be a secret mobile fleet train but instead became their secret Mobile Ship Yards project. They move them into areas with rebel activity and help upgrade and repair the ships of their scattered allies and then move them out and all the while, enemy intelligence keeps looking for a fixed location.

    Also while they can’t build SD’s, they combined with the new Gobble R&D establishment and came up with the idea of building the next best thing.

    Battleships: But not ‘just’ any a poor man’s fleet of SD knock offs. Give them a new lease on life with some new mass/tech ratios. Maybe they’re as fast as old style Battle Cruisers. And just barely long enough to mount a new spinal mount weapon system that runs the length of the entire ship and delivers a single devestating blast. But takes time to charge up. So if they are on the attack, thier first strike can do devestating damage. But if combat gets to knife range, they have twin problems. a 5 minute or half hour recharge cycle time and even if charged, these are not gimbled mounts. But fixed weapons, the whole ship needs to be pointed at the target. All they have at knife range are some point defense weapons. (perhaps a new application of the gun ship’s main weapon? something the Human’s never considered practical) the gobbles over built the power generators and made the weapon focusing array more effective by a factor of ten.

    Finally the Marauder Class troop carriers. Made for rapid insertion of Sekla Commando forces (Gobble name for Marines) and able to fight off a Destroyer, The maurader class is stealthy and able to launch even more hard to see individual stealthed troop pods at its foes. Something.

    Take any or none of the ideas and run.

    The Deposed King

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