Ideas…comments welcome, of course…

28 Mar

Got a few more ideas buzzing around my head today.

One would be a sequel, of sorts, to The Mind’s Eye. A telepath hunting rogue telepaths would discover a terrorist conspiracy aimed at telepaths – one that had secret backers from within the government intent on establishing a new world order. And she finds that everything she knew is wrong.

Another is an idea that occurred to me while planning FIRST STRIKE. Hyperspace is used by humanity to get around the light-speed limit. Unfortunately, hyperspace is actually inhabited by very alien aliens and human ships travelling through hyperspace irritate them…


4 Responses to “Ideas…comments welcome, of course…”

  1. The Deposed King March 29, 2012 at 6:52 am #

    Does it have to be a telepath? Why not make it that all the psycher people. Telepaths, psyco-kinetics, micro-kinetics etc, are out there. They all have psychic mind sheilds equal in strenght to their psycic power.

    Your telepath hunter is one of the rare dual talents. Only she’s really not a genuine dual. What she is, is a super strong empath, whose powers have bled over into some very minor telepathy. Not a true split power individual, since her powers are not equally strong in both areas.

    So she can go around undercover, penetrating the Telepath community as an operative, because her telepathy/empathic duality is almost unheard of. So everyone naturally takes her to be a very weak talent.

    She has worked hard, spending years perfecting her mental shields. The problem not that they aren’t strong but that they are too strong for a weak telepath. Eventually she worked out a way to disguise the mind flavor of her empathy by creating a dual shield. It limits her empathic powers increadibly as long as the sheild is up and it takes several weeks to put up and ten minutes to deconstruct and regain access to her powers. Also have it so that another telepath or empath could break her dual sheild if they knew to try and were strong enough. She’d be mind shocked from the abrupt destruction but her powers would be instantly released.

    Work some angle about how the dual sheild also protects her from the ’empatic pressure probe’ so that she is not incapacitated like most empaths during a standard test.

    Her whole goal is to protect society and the telepaths. Then she discovers the real conspiracy. Something as an empath she shouldn’t be able to do but because of her dual nature actually did. Maybe she part of a small off shoot investigative agency. Like the Drug Alcohol, Tabaco and Firearms Agency. So the top end Alphabet soup agencies never knew about her. Only that the ATF had an empath agent working the psycer scene.

    Anyway lots of ideas there.

    On your second idea. Have there be not one but three races of hyper-aliens.

    1) the Turg – a race that constantly swarms and as it does gains greater and greater intelligence. However once the swarm instinctively gathers together and gets large enough to acheive advanced intelligence (when compared to the human mind) they then desire to break apart into their component peices. The overarching intelligence giving its minions the desire to run as far and as fast away from the site of its creation, to impair remerging as possible. Irresistably drawn to hyperships, they’ve been known to cause problems in the past. When there are too many for the ship to fight off, but not yet enough to coaless into a greater intelligence. Otherwise, singletons, pairs and trios are easily warned or fought off. Often perceived as green in color by pilots

    2) The Drakiin – This race is known for setting up shop in the ‘ridges and mountainous regions’ of hyper space. (it is unknown to the human race, that they also like to the valleys and chasms inhabited primarily by the 3rd race). Although perceived as very territorial, they are perceived as literrally not caring that hyperships pass right by their home. Close enough to touch. But if a hypership enters part of their ridge line, except at certain low ‘passes’ they because agressive and give out warning calls. If the ship doesn’t leave it will attack. They appear to live in isolation or very rarely in small family groups (despite their perceived singleton nature, the Drakiin are able to communicate over vast distances. Limited only by the geography of hyperspace. If their ridges get too far away, they have to physically fly across in order to exchange information with the, for lack of a better word, society in the other areas, these messanger fliers carry a crusial role in Drakiin society but humans dont even have a clue they exist) (often perceived as blue, pink, yellow or brown central colors surrounded by a grayish exterior by piolots)

    3) The Durengar = perceived by the mind as spider like, scanners have shown that they are more blocky with small arms and legs, than strictly spider like. Furthermore they are intensely hostile. Found in hyper chasms, they have been known to leave these chasms to attack human star vessels as much as half an hour travel away from their homes. Perceived as a harsh yellow color by piolots, the major freight lines have plotted out Durengar nest areas with an attention to detail only found in those that know if they do not, they will die.

    The Deposed King

    • chrishanger April 2, 2012 at 9:30 am #

      Having a duel-power individual seems like a cool idea, someone too minor to be noticed as a serious threat. I was thinking mainly of telepaths when I started, but other powers would be quite possible. I’ll have to think of possible ideas.

      Those are cool ideas for the hyper-aliens. I was thinking that they would be utterly alien at first, at least until we shifted our referents to explain them in more understandable terms.


  2. The Deposed King April 3, 2012 at 4:12 am #

    Well go your own way if you’ve already got the concept. But if the Telepaths are able to control the others, so long as they’re stronger, and the others can only kill them if they know who is trying to telepahtically dominate them… Or how about the Telepaths get all the good press and the others are considered minor talents, because everything they can do, can be done better with nano/advanced tech? Unlike with the telepaths?

    With the super alpha class empath who rates as an echo or delta class telepath working the scene. She could get into all kinds of telepathic shenanigans. Especially if she was working with a low end psycher telepath team. Pooling their talents into a small gesault. Something only posssible with high end talents working in tandem, and thus nothing her little undercover group is suspected of. Because aren’t they all just low end telepaths?

    A great stealth end undercover probe. And it keeps things weak enough your main heroine needs to hook up with an actual strong telepathic talent to get into the main consiracy, once she realizes what’s going one. Enter sideways our near-do-well romance interest/co-main character. Unintereseted in the bigger picture because he’s been burned in the past. but for this intriguing specimin, whose weak enough to not be a threat yet knows such interesitng things he might stay around to woo her. And follow this trail. He only thought the universe was too small to hold secrets he didn’t already know or at least knew the shape of. This is two pleasant little diversions to spice up a life that had grown board and slightly suicidal.

    AS for the aliens your idea works. Just describe the aliens as viewable as color blobs with physical eyes and aq complex series of mathmatical equations by AI eyes. Its only as the book goes on that we get some perspective and some VR-holo matrixes going on that we are able to more clearly see them. These are beings existing in an entire other dimension. We use the VR/Holo to see them in a form we can understand.

    But if you’ve got something else in mind go for it.

    The Deposed King

    • chrishanger April 3, 2012 at 9:32 am #

      I’m still working on the Telepath story-concept. Perhaps it could be set in the near-future, with a somewhat dystopia feel. Maybe telepaths have become involved in the War on Terror, or maybe a story set around 2080 when there are colonies and suchlike on the moon, mars or even various asteroids. One concept is set in 2145 where there is FTL, but very ‘slow’ FTL so each light year takes about a month in real time for a starship.

      I like the idea of additional talents not being THAT impressive compared to the telepaths themselves. But some of them would make neat weapons – a TK could stop someone’s heart and it would be almost impossible to tell from a natural death. That might have something to do with the conspiracy.


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