The Vamps

18 Feb

Just a short snippet of a planned work.  I loathe people thinking that Vampires are romantic.  Can you tell?  <wink>


The official report from the NYPD said that four teenage girls were having a sleepover when there was a home invasion; a criminal (clearly not a mastermind, or deaf) attempted to break into the house. Stumbling into their room, the girls screamed – summoning the house owner, who was horrified to discover that his daughter was under threat. The criminal fled the house and made his escape into the darkness. Although the girls were more than a little shocked by the experience – and two of them attended counselling sessions for months afterwards – they were not actually physically harmed.

Everything I wrote above is a lie. A tissue of untruths designed to conceal what actually took place, to keep the general public from realising that some monsters are all too real. And it is believed. No other version of the story will ever gain credence.

I was there. This is what really happened.

There were four girls present in the room. Bobbi, the oldest, was just two months shy of sixteen; blonde, beautiful and with a string of admirers longer than my arm. Jill was younger, with dark skin and darker hair; Bobbi and her had effectively grown up together and were almost sisters from different parents. Sally was fourteen, with light brown hair and an infectious smile; Jade, the youngest, was just shy of thirteen, a girl poised on the brink of becoming a woman. Old enough to go through puberty, young enough to be terrified by the whole experience.

They weren’t supposed to have been drinking, but Bobbi had brought the alcohol and all of them were slightly tipsy. I wasn’t too surprised, when I found out. They’d been nerving themselves up for weeks, ever since they’d stumbled into a corner of the shadow world. Like I said, they were young – too young and foolish to know the dangers of what they were doing, too young to know better. But the seducers of the young have always been good at presenting their case – and there are far more dangerous things out there than paedophiles.

“I think we should do it now,” Bobbi said. They looked up to her as the oldest, and the one who had already done everything. Later investigation revealed that she’d gone all the way with at least two different boys, something that had become public shortly afterwards. She didn’t really care. “I think it’s time.”

Jade was nervous. “But what if it hurts?”

“It’ll only hurt for a moment,” Bobbie assured her. “And then there will be no pain, ever again.”

She smiled, rubbing her face. “I’ll be young and gorgeous forever,” she added. “And so will you! We will live on while the jerks and losers at school grow old and die.”

They were teenagers, too young to understand that teenage pains faded and recede. A mature adult would have known better. All the little hurts – the boys who made fun of Jade’s flat chest, the girls who whispered that Bobbi was a slut who put out for all the guys – still had knives to cut into their souls. God help us – our kids know the worst too young. And he had been very clever, allowing them to talk themselves into it. There’s no delusion harder to escape than one you create for yourself.

“I’ll call him,” Bobbie said, as she opened the window. “Dad won’t wake up until it is far too late.”

She leaned outside and whispered a single name. A moment later, a long trail of smoke wafted into the room and slowly solidified into a human form. But not human. Whatever you may read in teenage fiction, vampires are not human. And those that master their new form and hunger are among the most dangerous beings to walk the Earth. I have no idea why people think that vampires are romantic. I would sooner go to bed with a tabloid reporter.

They couldn’t see his face, apart from his red eyes. That’s part of their magic, the glamour that surrounds them. It’s quite possible to look directly at a vampire and not see him, not until the moment you feel his fangs in your throat. And then it’s far too late.

“My children,” the vampire said. His voice was seductive, laced with the magic that keeps vampires alive and well. Very few people are strong-willed enough to resist their spell. The girls didn’t stand a chance. “Are you ready to join us in the twilight world?”

“Yes,” Bobbi said. She would have hated it if she’d been able to hear herself, but the vampire had captured her mind and wouldn’t let her go. He could have told her to jump out of the window and kill herself and she would have done so with a smile on her face. “We are ready for you, master.”

The vampire hadn’t told them everything. You see, most vampires are animals – driven by their constant need for blood. They make mistakes, they leave trails – and they get staked easily. But one who has lived long enough to master himself…he has power beyond their most fevered imaginations. The vampires he sires become his slaves, bound to him until they are destroyed or the master is scattered to ashes. They don’t become animals. A small group of vampires in a High School…we’d have a whole epidemic on our hands by the end of the week.

It was then that I made my appearance. “Enough,” I said. The vampire turned to look at me, bright red eyes boring into my soul. “Let them go!”

I pushed out enough magic to counteract the glamour – and the girls started to scream, shocked by the realisation that I was there, perhaps also by a grim awareness of how close they’d come to eternal slavery and damnation. The vampire reached for Bobbi, only to jump back as I produced a water pistol and sprayed him with holy water. Master vampires don’t burn when exposed to sunlight, or holy water, but it is a shock. It lasted just long enough for me to draw my sword-stick and plunge it into the vampire’s chest. For a second, I thought I’d missed his heart, and then his body exploded into a pile of ashes.

The girls were still screaming – and I could hear footsteps running up the stairs. There wasn’t any time to explain. I threw myself out of the window, wrapping magic around me, and fell down to the garden below. By the time the man of the house had reached the window, I was already lost within the darkness.

He called the police, of course. Two officers reached his house in five minutes, both aware of the…special circumstances. The ash was cleaned away and the house owner’s story was accepted without question. If the girls started to talk about vampires…well, no one would believe them. They’d been in shock. And they’d watched far too many twee vampire movies. I don’t know how the producers sleep at night.

All in a day’s work, I told myself, as I walked home.

And tomorrow was going to be a fine new day.

One Response to “The Vamps”

  1. The Deposed King February 20, 2012 at 10:56 am #

    As I sat there reading this I thought to myself. Almost but not quite.

    It just didn’t quite hit me as the opening to a top tier… say Jim Butcher book. But it was close.

    Off that part.

    I was semi-confused in the upper middle. I almost thought that our narrator voice belonged to the Vampire.

    You know what would be cool. Now that I’m thinking about it. In lots of stories the hero needs to carry around swords and projectile weapons that get him in trouble with the law eventually.

    What if you had a guy. Like you showed here with a super soaker. He’s got a little iron bar for the fae. etc

    Anyway. nice little start but its hard to do vampire stuff just the right way. Hope you can straddle it into a premier book.

    The Deposed King

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