Lost In Space

25 Jan

Just a weird little idea for a short story that’s been going through my head.
It is the far future. Mankind has learned how to harness mental powers to allow FTL travel, with telepathic movers jumping ships from star to star. One day, something goes badly wrong and a telepath and his starship are accidentally shifted into an alternate universe. Investigating, they find the remains of countless other starships – and discover that there is a price to pay for telepathic gifts.

There’s something out there, waiting in the darkness. It eats souls. And the starship and her entire crew are in deadly danger.

One Response to “Lost In Space”

  1. The Deposed King January 26, 2012 at 10:11 am #

    Sounds like a story I read somewhere. Only the people hauling ships through the faster than light medium interpreted the hyperspace world differently. Largely discounted was the mere idea that there were living creatures in this medium. Let alone that they were intelligent and had something that passed for a civilization. They were called dragons and lived in the impassable ‘mountains’ of hyperspace.

    You’re sounds a little different. The dragons were mostly benign. This sounds a lot more hostile. Are you planning for your guy to be a hidden or off the wall talent of some kind. Or just a regular telepath strong enough to run a star ship (pretty strong) who learns a few new tricks and maybe an entirely new discipline along the way.

    Of is there less focus on mental development and more marine style action?

    The Deposed King

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