Nazi Germany’s ISOTed Carrier

22 Jan

My long-term readers may recall that I wrote a story entitled Graf Zepplin. Basically, it was a take off The Final Countdown – but with a battle fleet from a Nazi Victory timeline arriving in our timeline. In their world, Hitler was a bit smarter, Britain was crushed in 1940 and generally Germany rules most of the world. They have a more advanced fleet than anything in 1942 – roughly comparable to a 1980s USN fleet – although their technology is not completely god-like.

However, I have been recently considering the implications of a long-term ‘Nazis Rule’ world. I was thinking that the Nazis would probably either cover up the Holocaust (lying to their own people) or perhaps even glorify in it. If German school kids were taught from Day One that Hitler was always right, the Jews deserved to die and the Slavs are the Reich’s natural servants, they would probably accept it unquestionably. They wouldn’t have many good examples of ‘good’ Jews to counterbalance the Nazi claims. Their attitude towards the Holocaust would be a little like the attitude towards the American Indians, at best – yes, what happened to them was tragic, but it happened in the past. And they were all savages anyway.

They’d probably also have a warped view of Hitler and his minions. What would they make of the REAL Hitler, in all his foul glory? Or Himmler – the guy was known for his warped world-view, but he was hardly an Aryan superman? They’d probably be horrified when they come face to face with the truth – the truth that has been whitewashed away in their own universe. And how would they react to that?


One Response to “Nazi Germany’s ISOTed Carrier”

  1. The Deposed King January 23, 2012 at 12:03 am #

    Just change one little thing. Hitler doesn’t have siphillus

    If he never threw a million men up against the russian winter but paused to consolidated his forces the 300-400K siberien troopers wouldn’t have made such a big deal. I mean honestly the nazi’s didn’t even have winter gear! let along a real supply line when they seized moscow. At one point hitler was allied with stalin I think. Reverse some of that and things could have gone very different for germany. they had u-boats, carrier ships, that could hold one or two little folded back wing airplanes, that could have made it to the american coast but no big bomb to deliver. They also had a functional jet fighter prototype. The first two models crashed because the pilots didn’t know how to handle them but the third was sitting in a bunker waiting for the allies to capture. It was radar reflective. Instead of being able to see it coming from france, england wouldn’t have known about it until it was 10 miles away from the radar instilation. By the time they scrambled their slow in comparison fighters the stealth fighter could dump its cargo and head half way back across the straight.

    Which ignores realizing the enigma device was compromised some time before the normandy campaign and the battle of the bulge.

    Or say Romel. A tough as nails, master tactician and strategist, who came within miles of capturing north africa but ran out of fuel because of Hitler who wouldn’t properly supply him. Romel refused to join the nazi party. He stayed in the regular army. He was German first and had pride but didn’t agree with all the nazi probaganda. If he’d been properly supplied he’d have taken North Africa and from there the rest of the continent could have fallen easily. He was literally blowing up allied shermans so he could rush his tanks forward and siphon their gas to take then next few miles! He was so short of supplies. He fell just miles short of the african oil pipelines. So even if the allies penned Germany into europe somehow, this could have opened a whole new continent to german rule. There are also stories that because the lines in Africa were so back and forth, that during a dust storm the flag was obscured and Romel walked into review the local field hospital by mistake. He was unaware it was an allied field hopital! He stopped in surprise, then just walked around and reviewed the men in the beds (mostly allied but I think a few germans too), saluted and left.

    Plus Hitler was a strong believer in letting his Governors handle matters in their own province as they saw fit. Not micromanaging them. The Governor in half of poland? was it, took his mandate to germanize the place, to mean he sent all the kids to little nazi schools and had athletic tests. Any pole who met his standards was now a german citizen ship.

    A different picture from what went on in other parts of even that own country.

    In our history Hitler never made him stop but made clear who’s policies had his backing, the slaughter them all as subhuman crowd. but never actually came out and took an official position. Silent pressure but still let his guys run the show their way. What if instead he’d back this guy and his ideas. Whether for practicle considerations or not?

    If only the jews had to go but not the pols and such. Then their history books might be filled with stories and eye witness accounts of the genuine jewish menace.

    Play it up right as a religious thing, hitler was extremely religious and in this alternate time line The Pope openly applauds the final solution to the Jesus Killers.

    The Nazi’s twisted everything all up sideways. I’m not sure how much the Nazi’s from the other world wouldn’t view the Jew’s here as deserving it for religious reasons if nothing else. A lot would depend how the regime is viewed on their side. A few horrible necessities can seem reasonable when you dad or grandpa did it but if you now have to do the same thing, suddenly you’re identifying with the ‘fatigue’ verbalized by the nazi prison wardens but is basically over looked in nazi history books.

    The Deposed King

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