ISOT In Spaaaace!

22 Jan

Just an interesting little thought.

We’ve all seen versions of ‘The Final Countdown’ or the ‘Axis of Time’ where ships from the future are tossed back in time. What if that were to happen to a fictional interstellar empire? Perhaps have a long war being fought out between two evenly-matched galactic powers, neither one of whom can win a decisive advantage. (Unlike Honor Harrington, tech advances on both sides evenly – so one side can’t get a super-weapon that turns the tide of the war completely in their favour.)

Anyway – one of those sides gets a sudden windfall. A few years after the war began, they discover a fleet from 100s years in the future – with all of that tech advantage that the other side doesn’t even know exists. All of a sudden, instant victory is possible…

How would that play out, I wonder?


One Response to “ISOT In Spaaaace!”

  1. The Deposed King January 23, 2012 at 12:20 am #

    Keep it secret as long as you think possible while you upgrade your tech base. Or attack immediately. Probably you move when secrecy is no longer an option, put there could be significant pressure to copy everything, keep a working prototype and go for the juggular! Go for those targets you believe will end the war and let this unending conflict be over! A fleet from our time, would own the high seas back in world war II. They wouldn’t be able to stop us. Equipping our land forces with modern gear would have a similar but not quite as dominating effect. You can trade men to balance out a lesser quality, as Stalin showed in Moscow. but at a certain point the tech advantage is crippling. But would a bunch of WWII guys know how to wring every last drop of advantage out of all this new equipment? I say not. Even if they had the manuels. They might over look little things like plunging fire where you can land three volleys of tank rounds on the target all timed to hit at the same time.

    They might keep using outdated tactics, just using new equipment with better ranges. However unless the war was still going on. Whoever was the victor, by that point they should be able to look up the historical record and discover every on of the enemy’s secret bases for a crippling strike. As well as find out who were the key up and coming tacticians and what ships they were assigned to. So that they could target them for early elimitation. Maybe allowing for new heros to arrise, odd balls who were over looked. Or sidelined in the previous sideline because of political maneuvering.

    The only way they might not know this stuff is if the high tech fleet was from the enemy side of things. The most powerful computer of WWII couldn’t crack the encryption of a modern day computer system. It might take years for these guys to crack this new quantum encryption of the future, or whatever you call it. Or what have you and all they’re doing is taking samples of newer better tech and trying to copy it.

    Which if these guys are using prolong means the guy who originally invented quantum encryption is on the other side. If the enemy figures out this new death fleet is really just their tech. They might have an idea of how to hack it. Theoretically. I mean they know the theory of how it was buit, as well as have a younger version of the man the built the encryption. Instead of reverse engineer, they are trying to advance engineer what he would have done. And after their side is devestated maybe they manage to institute emergency protocols on the ship and take over this little death fleet and turn the tables.

    I don’t know. Lots of plot twists and turns. Depending on how you want to play it.

    The Deposed king

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