The Hidden World

6 Jan

I’ve just got this very vague concept buzzing around in the back of my mind, based on a throwaway line in a comic book.

What if magic and superheroes existed, but at one remove from the mainstream human population. There are threats that come right out of comic books and bad novels (evil superhuman threats, aliens, ancient conspiracies, demonic terrorists, etc…basically, many conspiracy theories are actually true) but they simply don’t really impinge on most of the world.

For example, we have the public space program. But we also have a shadowy space program that put military bases on the war; hidden aspects of the world wars that never came into the light. We have the public war on terror – and the secret war against genetically-enhanced terrorists, pocket notes…basically, we take a conspiracy theorist’s nightmare and make it real.

You can have viral agents that transform entire populations into mindless monsters intent on slaughtering everyone – and other such threats. Life in this world is a little like Men in Black; aliens exist, there are threats, but the average person is never truly aware of them. Many threats are really nothing more than urban legends.

There are a handful of links between police/military outfits and the Shadows – the people who try to keep the world safe from these threats. Mostly, mundane authorities cover them up and let the Shadows get on with it.

How does that sound?



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