Brainstorming: Aliens In The UK?

26 Dec

I’m looking for a little help with one of my latest ideas.

Basically, the Earth has been invaded by an alien empire for various reasons (Earth is in a strategic location and they want it for power-projection capabilities). The aliens are roughly 50 years ahead of us; their FTL system is ‘slow’ and while they can call for reinforcements, it takes several months for them to receive any from their homeworld.

The story itself is focused on Britain, as there are plenty of stories about the United States being invaded. (Obviously, the US, France, Russia, China, and so on are also getting invaded and clobbered by the aliens, but the story is set in the UK.) Having spent a few months prowling around the system, reading the Internet and surveying us from orbit, the aliens manage to hammer most of the military in the opening round. They then land in London and try to capture the PM, which doesn’t work, before expanding out to occupy the remaining cities. The aliens are fairly brutal, which makes them even more unpopular than they were before.

Things I would like to brainstorm.

What happens to the UK if it gets effectively cut off from the rest of the world? The banking industry probably crashes hard, but that isn’t the major issue. What about food and suchlike? The aliens will probably starve large parts of the population by accident.

How can an insurgency be fought and maintained in the UK? Britain is largely a disarmed society. What happens when – if – the aliens resort to brutal methods to keep the population in line? Or, for that matter, what happens if they feed people in return for submission?

What about the role of the Royal Family. If King Charles is killed, along with Willy, that makes Harry the King. Can he be used as an effective rallying point or not?

Can nukes be used as a last resort? The aliens can shoot down missiles launched from Earth, but tactical nukes could probably be slipped into their bases. What about chemical or biological warfare? Could Earth devise a way of infecting the aliens with a disease?

Are there any other issues that should be considered?


3 Responses to “Brainstorming: Aliens In The UK?”

  1. Ian_B January 4, 2012 at 3:10 pm #

    The UK isn’t a disarmed society as much as an unarmed society. A not inconsiderable number of people are trained, but not equiped, ranging from Ex-Military personnel, theough sporting shooters and Gun club members. If a government had sufficient time, or paranoia to make available stockpiled weapons such could be used. with longer warning still a ‘home-guard’ type organisation could provide local training to increase the trained population. It’s your fiction, so you get to choose.

  2. Ian_B January 4, 2012 at 6:04 pm #

    You also asked about Chemical and Biological weapons. For these to work (other than by blind chance) you need to be able to research the Alien Biochemistry to determine what processes you can disrupt and their susceptability to disease.
    Ground-burst or subsurface detonations will destroy the target location, but will result in fallout. Depending on the invaders tech level they might not be vulnerable to the effects of a nuke.

  3. chrishanger January 4, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

    Cool ideas. The invasion will come as a complete surprise, sadly.

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