Aliens in the UK?

22 Dec

Yet another idea going around and around in my mind.

There aren’t many alien invasion novels set completely in the UK. Ok, I wrote the Posleen in UK story (that may not count) and there are Nick Pope’s two excellent novels, but apart from that there’s very little – apart, of course, from The War of the Worlds.

It does make sense, unfortunately. From space, the UK doesn’t look very big, not when compared to America, Russia, China or even France. And while I like to think we can hold our corner at war, we don’t have the same level of deployable firepower as the US. Simple logic means that the US will get the brunt of any major alien invasion force – save, perhaps, for a Posleen-like horde.

So I was thinking about an updated WOTW. The Earth is being invaded by an alien force roughly 50 to 100 years ahead of us. All major countries are being hit, including the UK. The main body of the story, however, would follow the war in the UK, with slight diversions to other parts of the world.

How does that sound?

I admit I’m still thinking about the ending. I’d like to have one with hope, but it may have to be the aftermath of giving the aliens a bloody nose.


One Response to “Aliens in the UK?”

  1. Paul Howard December 22, 2011 at 10:06 pm #

    Commented on the Bar. [Smile]

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