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Humans and Empire?

11 Nov

Another vague idea. A few hundred thousand years ago, a race of aliens exploded out into space. They built the first empire, dragging in other space-faring races and placing primitive worlds (like Earth) under quarantine (explaining why we didn’t get any mail from ET). Their empire grew very fast, but the population started to refuse demands for military service and so on. The Boss Race had built their empire on the labour of non-Bosses. This didn’t make them popular among their subject races – and as their technology spread, they discovered that they were facing an invasion from races that had absorbed their technology and had friends and allies among the subject races. Their technology was still primitive compared to the master race, but there was a heck of a lot more of the barbarians. After a version of the Battle of Adrianople that wreaked a large space fleet, the master race’s leaders knows that they are in trouble.

Their solution – hire humans to serve as soldiers, in exchange for the keys to the stars.

Unluckily for them, humanity doesn’t want to serve as slave-soldiers, holding down the oppressed masses…

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Vague bit of background…

1 Nov

Explaining the physical (as far as such a term can be used) nature of the Gods is a tricky task. The human mind is not up to understanding their true nature – and metaphors, however inspired, tend to be self-limiting. The following, however, must therefore be accepted with great caution.

The entities that became Gods were born in a universe with radically different physical laws to humanity’s universe. Unlike our primarily matter-based universe, their universe was a sea of energy with no matter. Eventually, mainly through random chance, the energy patterns formed into something reassembling a mentality. Intelligence formed at astonishing speed, creating a race that consisted of entities that were both independent beings (like humans) and part of a collective hive mind. Over the eons (the precise timescale is uncertain and possibly irrelevant) the entities started to probe the physical nature of their universe, eventually realising that there were other universes to explore. Many of them eventually set out to travel the multiverse in great swarms of mentality, studying the multiverse and returning the data to their home. One of these swarms eventually intersected Earth.

What the entities hadn’t realised was that their mere presence was disastrous for matter-based life forms, although to be fair they had some problems even accepting the concept of matter-based life forms. Their approach to Earth caused humans with some limited mental talents (even if they were unaware that they possessed such abilities) to start broadcasting interference on the mental waveband. The closer the entities came, the greater the effects, eventually driving large sections of the human race insane. By the time the enties reached Earth, the madness had triggered a massive nuclear spasm that had shattered global civilisation.

It would not have mattered. The entities were unknowable and untouchable. Their mere presence caused the physical laws of the universe to go haywire, destroying the remaining veneer of human civilisation. Any human who went too close to the medusas didn’t just go mad; they were often transfigured randomly by the entities. This wasn’t a deliberate effect. The entities didn’t recognise that the human race even existed, being only marginally aware of Earth’s presence. And then something extraordinary happened.

The remaining human societies had started to worship the entities. This was a perfectly natural response to the existence of beings so far above humanity that humans weren’t even insects scurrying around their feet. What was unanticipated was that worship provided a form of sustenance to the entities – and when focused on one particular entity, the effect was remarkable. Being evolving creatures, the entities began to be warped by the worship, altering themselves to match human perceptions of the gods. The entities that were unwilling to allow themselves to be warped left Earth, leaving it in the grip of the remaining entities, who became known as the Old Gods.

As they became more ‘godlike,’ stranger things happened. The younger gods – the Young Gods’ were effectively born into existence matching humanity’s perceptions. Humanity wanted – desperately – someone or something that would free them from the Old Gods. The Young Gods eventually went to war against the Old Gods, driving them away from Earth. (In their terms, the war was something like a struggle to control food sources.) Over the next thousand years, the Young Gods ruled humanity, but eventually ended up mostly withdrawing into a different universe. The gates between their new home and Earth were mostly closed, yet the gods still take an interest in mankind…particularly those who are crossbreeds between human and gods…