Child of Prophecy–Snippet

28 Nov


How to start?

How should I, your humble narrator, start? At the beginning?

Let’s see, then. Once upon a time, a dark sorcerer of great and terrible power entered the service of a king in a faraway land. This sorcerer’s powers were so vast that the king rapidly conquered all of his neighbours and found himself poised for further expansion. He didn’t live to enjoy it. His sorcerer, as sorcerers tend to do, killed him and took the throne for himself. A mighty army, composed of the foulest beasts from darkest lands, took two continents for him – and the third would soon fall.

But there was a problem. The sorcerer had ordered that all with magical powers who refused to swear loyalty to him were to be executed. One of his victims, an old and wise seer, made a prophecy for him. He would be overthrown by a girl born on a certain day at a certain time in a certain place. And as she died, the sorcerer sent out his armies. All girls born on that specific day were to be killed. His army did as it was commanded and great was the grief among lords and peasants alike as their baby daughters were torn from their arms and killed. The sorcerer felt himself secure.

Yet he didn’t know the truth. He had indulged himself with countless women, one of whom knew a few simple magic spells of her own. Carrying his own child within her womb, she begged the aid of powerful elementals and gave birth – on the fated day – to her daughter. Knowing that it would not be long before the sorcerer came in search of her, she gave the child to a childless couple to raise and passed outside the bounds of mortal knowledge.

Her daughter – the sorcerer’s daughter – grew to womanhood on the farm, until the day that a band of raiders thought to amuse themselves with the helpless farmers. Great and terrible magic awoke within her and the raiders died; she herself was forced to flee into the wilder lands, knowing that those who had killed her foster parents were intent on terminating her life. Slowly, unsure of what she was or what she had to do, she gathered an army around her and fought back against the empire. And then the sorcerer sent forth his magic and her army was smashed effortlessly.

She herself, her identity unknown, was taken as a prisoner back to the heart of the empire and forced to work as a scullery maid. There, she suffered many humiliations before she finally broke free and confronted her father. He attempted to strike her down, unaware of the true nature of their link; angered, the magic he had summoned turned on him. His daughter bent the magic to her will and killed him. The prophecy had been fulfilled.

That isn’t my story.

My story is about what happened next.

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