Timeline For ‘End of Empire’

19 Nov

Some people may remember the series I wrote a few years ago entitled ‘When the Empire Falls.’ (When The Empire Falls, Shades of Grey and The Three-Edged Sword.) I’m looking at rebooting that universe – comments?

[Note: dates are given in Imperial Standard Cycles, roughly 1.5 Earth years.]

0EE (Empire Established): The Imperials, a historically reclusive race, return to the galactic scene when a war fought between the Phyllis and the Sassnorah spreads into their territory.

10EE: The Imperials end the war by conquering both of the combatants and restructuring their societies.

10-100EE: The Imperial Empire, using labour from the occupied worlds, starts to spread out. Each conquest is absorbed into the Empire, with locals granted autonomy and colonisation rights. The Imperial Navy is founded as the main tool of expansion.

101EE: Imperial survey ships enter the isolated Kerr System – and vanish. The Imperials send a squadron, and then a fleet, to investigate, only to lose both units to ‘causes unknown.’ Eventually, they declare a quarantine around the Forbidden Sector, banning all travel to and from the Kerr System.

106EE: The Imperials discover the Tarn, a race of spacefaring humanoids who worship the Kerr. For reasons unknown, the Imperials effectively destroy the race. The whole affair is covered up.

107-1000EE: The Empire continues to spread out from Centre. Each sector is assigned a sector fleet to protect it and to allow swift reactions to any trouble. Larger fleets are stationed at nodal systems, while the frontier guard continues to survey and expand the Empire’s territory. Seventy new races are discovered and absorbed into the Empire.

1001EE: An Imperial starship stumbles across Earth.

1005EE: The Imperials launch their invasion of Earth. Human orbital satellites, ground bases and wet-navy ships are wiped out within the first hour of invasion, followed by ground forces landing outside the capitals of major human powers. Fighting is heavy in places, but the Imperial Navy picks off any human target from orbit, crippling any hope of organised resistance. Eventually, the majority of human governments surrender. Imperial post-combat teams rapidly arrive to begin the task of organising Earth’s absorption into the Empire.

1006-1011EE: Multiple human resistance groups attempt to fight back against the Imperials. The fight is grossly uneven from the start; the Imperials have too many tools to use against insurgents and terrorists. Eventually, the Imperials destroy Chicago, Paris, Berlin, Birmingham, Mecca, Tehran, Delhi and Tokyo to crush most resistance groups. Human population numbers fall sharply in the wake of chaos caused in the post-invasion environment.

1012EE: First humans enter Imperial service as ground troops. They are not based on Earth to ensure that they don’t have their loyalties tested by ongoing insurgency.

1013-1123EE: The Imperials slowly bring most of humanity under their control. Creation of the human provisional government, formed from collaborators and given teeth by Imperial troops. A handful of nearby worlds are settled by humans; other humans join the Imperial Merchant Navy or take advantage of Imperial loans to set up their own businesses in space. Titan is claimed by the Imperial Navy as a base for a sector fleet. Mars terraforming project begins, only to be abandoned when other extra-solar worlds are opened for settlement.

1124-2345EE: Humans slowly slide into a prominent role within the Imperial Empire. Humans serve in the Imperial Navy while others serve in the ground forces, both as enforcers and settlers on unclaimed worlds. Earth’s Home Guard is founded. Human provisional government becomes autonomous, with humans electing representatives to local parliaments and to Centre, the core of the Empire. This growing prominence alarms some other races, leading to a series of nasty incidents. The Imperials are quick to stamp on them, although they often funnel human expansion and settlement out into the Rim. More worryingly, a number of humans have become pirates, living on the edge of the Empire.

2346EE: Sector 666 is surveyed by the Imperial Navy and deemed to be empty of intelligent life, although there are a number of Earth-like worlds. The Imperials open the sector for settlement and invite settlers to move to the new planets. A series of human-funded planetary development corporations are founded and start settling a number of worlds.

2390EE: Unnoticed by most observers, the Empire starts entering a dangerous recession. Funding for further development projects starts to dry up, while the Imperial Navy cannot afford to maintain the number of hulls it needs to protect the Empire. Colony projects along the rim are sometimes abandoned, the settlers left to fend for themselves. The Imperials, realising the danger, work hard to conceal it from their subjects. Their success was based upon inviting others to share in the Empire’s profits – and those profits are drying up.

2391-2422EE: The growing lack of security along the rim allows pirates and rebel gangs to start hacking away at the lightly-settled worlds. Rumours of a new spacefaring race only add to the Empire’s problems. Investment dries up completely as stories of attacks and entire planetary populations being slaughtered or taken into slavery start spreading through the Earth Sector and further into the Empire. Taxes start rising sharply, to the point where many shipping corporations are in serious trouble.

2423EE: Under orders from Centre, the Imperial Navy dispatches a fleet into Sector 666 to locate and destroy the pirates. Instead, the fleet is ambushed by the unknown aliens and almost completely destroyed. In the wake of rumours spreading out of control, the Imperials decide to start pulling in their horns…leaving Earth and the human race standing alone against the oncoming threat…

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