Timeline of ‘GodKin’

17 Nov

0ADF: The Days of Fire. A mass outbreak of insanity on Earth eventually leads to a catastrophic series of disasters that cripple world civilisation. For various reasons, historical records from before this time are vague – it effectively serves as the beginning of recorded history.

10-1100ADF: Apotheosis. The Gods arrive on Earth. Their mere presence distorts reality as humans understand it. Humans (and other forms of life) that go too close to the Gods are often driven mad, or transfigured simply by being too close to them. Birth of the Horrors on Earth. Most of the Horrors die out fairly quickly, but the most dangerous ones survive and breed.

Eventually, large parts of the remaining human population start worshipping the Gods. Pre-DOF religions almost die out. Science and technology largely forgotten.

1100ADF: The Sundering. Some of the Gods leave Earth for higher realms. Others fission into creatures more comprehendible to humanity; the New Gods. New human civilisations are formed around worship of the New Gods.

1157ADF: The Revolt. The New Gods (aided by a set of legendary human heroes) revolt against the oppressive rule of the Old Gods. The Old Gods are defeated; some leave the human plane entirely, others are bound and trapped within sealed chambers on Earth. With victory in their grasp, some of the New Gods start interbreeding with humanity, creating a strain of humans with divine heritage (Godkin).

1167-1256ADF: The Mythic Age. The New Gods walk the Earth openly, performing great arts of wonder for their human worshippers, aiding and punishing the human race as they choose. Foundation of the Great College, eventually leading to the codification of Theological (faith-based) magic and Inherent (personnel) magic. The New Gods rule vast human territories. Objects of Power – containing fragments of godly essence – are created, seemingly at random.

1257-2301ADF:The Fading. For reasons unknown, the New Gods start withdrawing to their realm and having less to do with humanity. A handful of the Gods continue to interfere, but ‘Acts of God’ are far less common. Many Objects of Power slip into history and vanish. The Grand Circle asserts governing power over human magicians. As wars break out in the wake of the Gods departing the Earth, the Grand Circle starts attempting to moderate the violence, eventually creating the Empire of Reason to unite Earth.

2302ADF: The Great Cataclysm. In an attempt to seize the power of one of the New Gods, a team of Grand Circle magicians accidentally awaken – for microseconds – one of the Old Gods. The outburst of magical fury destroys the Great College and the core of the Empire of reason, creating the Chaos Fields; a region infested with wild and uncontrollable magic – and Horrors.

2302-2703ADF: The Archaic Age. The Empire of Reason falls apart in the wake of the Great Cataclysm. Much of the world returns to barbarity, ruled by tyrant kings intent on establishing their rule. The Grand Circle having been destroyed, a number of smaller magical groups are established scattered over the world. Magical learning effectively fragments, forcing magicians to rediscover old arts all over again.

2704-2759ADF: Empire Rising. The New God Vasilios, the Holy Tyrant, the Lord of Order, sends a series of visions to a young swineherd in one of the small kingdoms, eventually using him as a tool to re-establish a single orderly empire. Foundation of the Aquilian Ecclesia (Empire of Aquilium), which becomes a great power with alarming speed.

2760ADF: King Randolph I establishes the Dynasty of Gold, ruling the northern state of Irina. Foundation of Heartbeat, a city located in the Craggy Pass. Irina’s merchants rapidly develop the Islands into a thriving civilisation. A number of magicians establish a coven in Heartbeat.

2812-22ADF: The Great Rebellion. Inspired by a madman with visions of Pax (The Lord of Chaos and Disorder), the northern city-states – led by Heartbeat – rebel against Irina and successfully establish their independence. In the wake of military defeat, the Barons of Silver and Bronze force King Randolph III to accept that the Great Lords of Irina have the military power (when combined) to topple his throne. The Monarch isn’t exactly a figurehead, but without the consent of the Great Nobles, he cannot rule effectively.

2824ADF: The Republic. Heartbeat becomes governed by a semi-republican system. The Great Houses effectively share the position of elected Prince among themselves, but they cannot govern without the tacit permission of the wealthier middle classes. The northern cities unite as the Seven Sisters, establishment of the Trading Empire. Gunpowder enters general use, despite widespread opposition.

2945-56ADF: The Imperial Schism. Civil war breaks out in the Empire of Aquilium over precisely how the Empire should order itself. War won by the extremely orthodox side, establishing a theocratic state. Great Mandates published; the Imperator becomes the master of a strictly hierarchical system. Worship of Pax banned throughout the Empire. The Children of God find themselves turned into slaves by the Imperator. Science and learning suffers badly in the Empire, resulting in a ‘brain flight’ to the Seven Sisters and other neighbouring kingdoms.

2957-3145ADF: Expansion. The Empire starts to expand, exporting its theocratic systems alongside its holy warriors. Conquest of most nearby border states, with the exception of Glass Island, which is protected by a combination of treacherous waters and rumours of a deadly Object of Power. Development of military technology expands rapidly, early steam engines produced for the Empire. First primitive hot air balloons and airships developed.

3146ADF: Now. Seeking a match for his daughter who will not shatter the Kingdom, the King of Irina betroths his daughter to the Imperator. The Barons don’t like this and plot to kill her, knowing that it will shatter the Kingdom. In Heartbeat, the Prince of the city desperately attempts to prepare for the coming war against the Empire. And a sneak thief and an untested magician might be all that stands between the world and a final plunge into chaos…


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