Book on Kindle and Smashwords!

31 Oct

Just to remind everyone: I have published an EBook.

If you’ve enjoyed reading my work, why not head on over to my Smashwords store and take a look at Patriotic Treason (formerly known as Who Dares To Call It Treason?) It’s book one of a series I enjoyed writing.
Or buy it from Amazon

And reviews are always welcome.

Samples can be accessed through Smashwords.


2 Responses to “Book on Kindle and Smashwords!”

  1. Hind November 1, 2011 at 6:49 am #

    This is amazing! I hope I can get this one next time I order ebooks from Amazon for my Kindle !! Way to go!

  2. Rick Boatright January 8, 2012 at 6:54 am #

    I just finished Patriotic Treason from Amazon.

    I need to make some comments, and spent the last hour tracking you down. 🙂

    First: Put contact info in an afterword in the back of your book.

    Second: You really need a copy editor. For just one (horrible) example, when they are holding the funeral for Captain Harrison, instead of calling him the deceased, John calls him the diseased. Ooops.

    In at least four places, you fail to implement the “you can’t call someone else Captain on the ship” rule you spend so much time making a big deal about.

    Etc. It’s just classic copy editing stuff, but it drops a reader right out of their reader’s trance.

    Third: The balance, one John leaves Heinlein is poor. You lovingly detail his dressing down of the ensigns, but skip right over how to build a cell structure — which is critical to his success.

    Fourth: Plot logic issues:

    If the Heinleiners have sufficient AI tech to create the robot librarian, then they have sufficient AI resources to do other things with AI’s, which you carefully avoid. I really think the librarian was just ’cause you wanted to redshirt Susan Calvin.

    Why did John only take ONE e-reader? etc.

    You really need a copy editor and an alpha reading team.

    Finally: Have you promoted this book in the appropriate forums at Baen’s bar? Specifically of course, Krautman’s and Williamson’s fora?

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